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Sled for child with brakes - Fun Snow RSX-300 - Choice of colors !

Ref : LS0910Livraison dans 3 à 4 mois

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

  • Children'ssled only, at the best possible price
  • No rope to pull the sled, but you can use the anti-slip device on the seat
  • Maximum capacity: 50 kilos
  • Dimensions: 80 × 33 × 14 cm
  • Weight: 2 kilos

Product description


A first sled made for your children

This sled is our first prize, and it has the essentials for a safe ride down the slopes. With a maximum load of 50 kilos, this sled is only for children. Beginners will be able to test their first gliding sensations!

If you prefer a more robust model that can support the weight of an adult, we recommend the snowmobile or steering wheel model.

If you want a rope to be able to pull the sled up the slopes, we recommend you to take an almost equivalent model: the sled with rope, which remains a very practical element.


Plastic sled for great resistance

The sled is made of an extremely strong material: high density polyethylene HDPE plastic. Wooden sleds are no longer in use, as they are the cause of many accidents. Plastic sleds are much safer. There is no steel blade, nor sharp edges.

It is therefore ideal for going down the slopes in the mountains.

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