Agility Hurdles

Do you want to prevent your athletes from stagnating? Do you feel that your players lack coordination and that this is an obstacle to their development? We have the solution! Netsportique offers you a wide range of training equipment that will help you organise quality training sessions and thus help your players progress in the best possible way.

Come and take advantage immediately in our online shop, of perfect sports hurdles that will help your players to develop, to gain in explosiveness and coordination. No more doubts, it's at Netsportique where it happens!

Different models and sizes of hurdles for your enjoyment.

Muscle strengthening and proprioceptive attention are an integral part of the player's physical preparation. Indeed, the role of coaches is to do everything possible to ensure that their players can progress in the best possible conditions. For this reason, our specialist teams have specially designed training hurdles for you to use in athletics, football or even in the gym as part of training programmes. It is therefore a multi-sport equipment that can be adapted to everyone's needs. Whatever your level and the intensity of your practice, our mini hurdles are made for you!

Jumping over hurdles has never been as easy as with our different sports hurdles. You can use them simply during your warm-up or as small, more intense exercises during your training session. They will allow you to work on various aspects such as lower body muscle strengthening or upper and lower body coordination. That's why we have designed our equipment to suit all situations. You will find among all our obstacles

Sports hurdles: improve explosiveness and relaxation!

The number 1 asset of our sports hurdles is undoubtedly their ability to adapt to any challenge. You will be able to improve on several points. Our team of experts has created this equipment to meet all your needs. Our products are systematically tested and approved by a panel of professionals, so that we can benefit from the best opinions and adapt our products to the real needs of professionals. Netsportique's desire is to be in permanent contact with professionals to find out what they really need and want.

Thus, with our football hurdles you will be able to improve your explosiveness. The contraction of the lower muscles will allow you to gain precious seconds at the start of your run, and sport is always about those marginal gains. At a high level, it is really those few tenths of a second that you gain at the beginning that will make the difference at the end. Sports hurdles also allow you to repeat jumps, so you also gain relaxation. This is very important in sports such as basketball or volleyball, where relaxation is an essential element and is part of the essence of these sports.

Finally, if you are in a sports club, in a sports centre or in a gym, these agility hurdles will come in handy: to strengthen your muscles, to warm up or as part of sports-health activities, you can perform jumps to become the best athlete in your championship! It is also a physiological product that can be used to challenge a player. The small and varied exercises will make your body work in a harmonious way to recover more quickly all your sensations.

Variety of mini-football hurdles for better performance

When we practice sport in competitions, we must be perfectly prepared because the reality of competitions is felt if we do not have a good endurance and if physically our muscles do not accompany us. Muscle strengthening is therefore essential to improve performance. As the saying goes: hard training makes for an easy game. It is really during training that you can put your body to the test, it is during these moments that you really progress.

In order to offer you a wide range of training sessions, we have a large selection of equipment at your disposal. This way you can compose your sessions as you see fit and move your players along the path of progression. Depending on the exercises you want to practice, we offer you different sizes of hurdles and many of them in between:

Accompany all your existing equipment with accessories that will complement your equipment such as:

Individuals, schools, clubs: take advantage of the best fences at unbeatable prices.

Make no mistake, our sports hurdles are not just for sports clubs or those looking for performance. When we design products, we also think about the future with young people at school or those who want to play sport at home. We provide sports clubs and individuals with high quality equipment at simply unbeatable prices. Quality is our top priority. We want you to be able to play your favourite sport in the best conditions. That's why we do our utmost to provide you with top quality equipment. Safety is also very important to us. That's why we have designed hurdles that meet all the standards for physical activities and sports. So that young and old can have fun, whether in the garden or at school. Everyone can progress at their own pace, alone or in a group. All at affordable prices so that your wallet doesn't suffer. Invest for the long term with Netsportique sports equipment.

Don't hesitate any longer, turn to the sports equipment specialist Netsportique. You'll love our equipment; you'll be able to help your players progress in the best possible way and you can set up your own personalised programme to progress at your own pace. There is something for everyone, so don't wait any longer and come and take advantage of our equipment at very competitive prices.

Our customer service team is available daily to answer your questions and provide you with a complete buying guide. Contact them on +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60, they will provide you with a personalised quote so that you can benefit from the equipment that best suits your needs.