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Please consult a medical professional for advice on all injury treatments.

To avoid injury, or to treat injuries such as sprains, tendonitis or other, we have launched a range of medical products to span a variety of injuries. From freeze spray to joint supports, our first aid selection covers essentials and more for sporting equipment.

Ankle sprain? Tendonitis? When you practise sport regularly your body can sometimes pay the price. From firsthand experience, our team at Netsportique has developed a range of medical products to treat all minor sporting injuries. Everyday dressings, elastic bands, massage oils, first aid kit – there’s something for every occasion.

Our medical range is roughly split into three sections: pre-exercise products to heat the body; those for during exercise to maintain and protect the muscles; and those for recovery and recuperation after.

Why prepare your body for exercise?

Warming up properly is an easily forgotten but crucial part of exercise to stimulate your body for intense activity. Our heat creams aid this process; simply massage the more vulnerable areas for a few minutes, warm up as usual and the cream will accelerate the heating process.

Reducing pain during activity

A large proportion of regular athletes have some form of weakness of pain when exercising intensely. Some minor pains are easy to tolerate and do not prevent practise but Netsportique has developed a few helpful products to dull these niggles to nothing! See our elastic straps for ankle, kneeelbow or wrist support.

Post-exercise recovery

Numb muscles, aches? A stretching session does not erase all the pain associated with intense effort. Massage creams are a saviour for sore muscles or reusable heatcooling pouches for ease of convenience and our POWERSHOT freeze spray is a handy product to have in any team first aid kit for instant soothing.

If you would like a pre-made, comprehensive collection of essentials medical products, we offer pre-filled medical bags in small or large travel size.

Any questions?

Send your questions our way at or even give us a call on +44 (0) 330 822 0209 to speak with one of our friendly team members who will be able to advise you on our range of products. At Netsportique, we’re all about great customer service and that’s why all of our products are manufactured to European standards as well as being further tested by our own team. To stay up to date with our latest offers and product releases, sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page! Otherwise have fun browsing the Netsportique online shop!

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