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How can you prevent or treat injuries to sportsmen and women or your students? Sprains, tendonitis, wounds... To deal with any emergency, we have launched a range of varied paramedical products, which cover injuries of all kinds and ensure that you can continue to train with the best possible care. From cold spray to bandages, find all the medical equipment, sports care and first aid on our online shop.

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Discover our essentials for treating your wounds

Do you wish to continue your sport despite your injuries? Discover our range of products designed to train while limiting the loss of performance:

First aid kit: sport and parapharmacy

Discomfort, injury or shock may occur at any time during training or while practising a sport. Schools and sports clubs must therefore be equipped with a first aid kit to limit the consequences. However, the contents of each kit differ according to the activity.

Composition and contents of the kits

A first aid kit is essential for emergency intervention, whether in sports, schools or even in the workplace. Usually, it is composed according to the number of people to be treated. Here are the basics of first aid kit composition:

  • Protections to avoid injury: nose guard, mouth guard, mouth guard, etc.
  • Medical instruments and equipment: scissors, ...
  • Treatment of wounds, cuts and sores while waiting for the first aiders
  • The basics: disinfectant, antiseptic, sterile compresses, plaster, bandage...
  • Medicine

Customisable kits

Do you have a high-volume order to place for your players? You can buy the first aid kit at the best price on our online shop and personalise it yourself. We have most of the products for parapharmacy, pharmacy or paramedics. If you make up your own composition, make sure that the kit has several compartments and is easy to carry. Sports clubs can for example get some from our online sports club pharmacy world.

School care kits: equipping to care for students

For schools that do not have full-time nurses or doctors, they must provide first aid kits composed according to the requirements of the National Education system. The products contained in the school first aid kit must therefore be neutral in order to treat minor injuries, blows, discomfort and burns, in prevention and while waiting for help.

Thus, to treat minor injuries, towels impregnated with sodium chloride are accompanied by bandages and compresses. To hold the bandages in place, safety pins and stretch bands are necessary. A pair of scissors is required, and antiseptics are also required.

Vomitory and sugar bags can be provided for discomfort. A soothing spray for burns and sachets of saline solution for eye splashes are also available.

Sports first aid kit and sports first aid: the essentials

To care for players on the field or during training, the sports first-aid kit is more than necessary. Dedicated to sports clubs, whether for adults or children, the sports first aid kit can contain, in addition to a selection of recommended products, a user's guide where you can find advice on how to act and care for yourself in an emergency.

Football first-aid kit to customise

Here are some of the products to put in the football pharmacy kit, for example:

  • Physiotherapy band, elastic bands
  • Kinetic tape / KT tape

Physiotherapy and paramedical equipment

Before assembling the components you need, choose a suitable and competitively priced medical bag from our online catalogue.

Do you suffer from tendinitis? Are you injured and would like to continue training for your favourite sport? Find our heated massage gels, our ice packs against inflammation and all the essential equipment for your recovery after physical pain.

To deal with any emergency, from sprains to the largest wounds, find the essentials of paramedical care on Netsportique, specialist in sports equipment.