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Handball Nets

The best net for your needs

Professional handball nets conforming to EN748 norms to meet all professional play regulations. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, available in 3 colours and 2 mesh sizes: 3 or 4mm.

Handball Nets

Designed to provide the optimal playing experience, our handball nets are tailored to all of our standard sized handball goals. Resistant, durable and available in a variety of colours, our nets can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to UV protection treatment preventing discolouration. All nets can be used regardless of level of play though we do advise investing in the thicker nets for professional match level with the accompaniment of a stop net to ensure your net stays at full strength for as long as possible.

We also supply handball net clips and elastic tensioners to keep your net taut in seconds. Delivery 3-5 days for all nets.