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Carrington : Tennis Equipment brand

Specialists in field equipment, Carrington tennis nets and tennis poles are by far the most reliable on the market.

For who?

For anyone who wants to equip themselves, their school, or their tennis club!

Powershot : the preferred brand for sports teams

Recognized for its outstanding products and accessories that are dedicated to workouts, sports, goals, soccer nets.

For who?

Designed for sport clubs and public groups, any Powershot is 5 times more resistant than the avergae product.


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Guide and expert advice

Netsportique : sports equipment specialist, recommended by international clubs


Since 2009, Netsportique is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality sports equipment and materials, and has already equipped more than 30 000 sports clubs in France and internationally.

In a few words, Netsportique is :

  • A multi-lingual business service which listens to you, so we are always closer to our customers, either in France, but also in Germany, England, Italy and Spain.
  • A fast and efficient distribution network, ensuring a fast delivery to wherever you are.

  • A research office dedicated to meet all your specific demands, including the creation and the customization of our products and sporting goods.

For any information or questions, you can contact us :

  • by telephone at  +44 (0) 33 0822 0209  (price of a local call)
  • or by e-mail at


Why should you choose Netsportique products ?


The Netsportique adventure began in 2009, when young sports enthusiasts wanted to share their passion with those who are looking for quality sports equipment at an affordable price.


Our challenge ? To sell top quality sports equipment at an affordable price


We ensure that our accessories and sports equipment to be worthy of practice as well as sustainable. We test all the products and control them from the factory, to ensure that they conform to our high standards.We consider our prices to be the most competitive in the market. We prefer quality and the strength of the material in all aspects : either during your workouts or games within your club or just between friends.


Systems and equipment for gold medal training


To perform, work out or have fun, you will find the right hardware for your sport, at all levels. Whether you are an individual or a professional, you have a wide choice of equipment in tennis, rugby, handball, basketball and other sports

We supply sports clubs, associations, parents, schools and other communities with standard, compliant and robust products.


  • Equipment for clubs : customization and special requests possible

If you are a sports club and you want to customize your orders to add your logo, now you can!  Going further in our services, we can accompany you in your projects! Ask for a quote, our team is at your disposal.


  • Training materials : teaching awareness and motor skills to your children

To work on the motor skills and agility of your students, we also have teacher training materials such as nets, rebounders, and agility ladders.


  • Train at home like a pro : transform your garden into the pitch!

Our sports products are also sized to be suitable for gardens. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite outdoor sporting activities and sports games at your home with your family, with our mini football goal for example!


Specialist football equipment


As a wholesaler of sport hardware, we have a full range of football gear. For technical training or the player's physique (small, large and pro), we have a wide selection of accessories dedicated to this,  from ball launchers, to Powershot football goals, nets, bibs and hurdles. You can even buy a football bundle for a cheaper price!


International service


We deliver sports equipment internationally: France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany. You get a multilingual customer service department, listening to your specific requests.

Please contact us for any question, whether it is on purchasing online, or on the choice of the sports equipment, we do our best to give you an answer in the shortest possible time.

Our team is here for you 


Sport is our passion. Our team of specialists is ready to answer your questions and requests.
We are an international platform, we speak 8 different languages.

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