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Are you a professional soccer club looking for the best, toughest and most durable soccer equipment, or just enthusiastic parents looking for the perfect soccer goal for the garden? Netsportique is the reference site for all soccer equipment. Our products are designed with robust materials, to bring life and safety wherever you play. Soccer fans, look no further: offer your players the best sports equipment. You'll definitely improve the quality of training, so you can perform better on the pitch.

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Quality soccer training equipment

Whether you're looking to have fun with friends and family, or to upgrade your professional soccer equipment, you'll find it here:

Large equipment (11-a-side soccer cages for professionals or as backyard soccer goals, for example)

Small trainingequipment (free kick kits, soccer nets, etc.)

You'll find everything you need! We guarantee quality equipment, to ensure you get the best possible use out of it.

Whether you're the president of a soccer club, a soccer coach or trainer, or the parent of a budding footballer, we strive to satisfy your every need, offering a range of equipment that's as functional as it is affordable: from low-cost to top-of-the-range. We offer our products at the best value for money.

From soccer goals and training equipment to garden nets, we've got it all online to make your shopping easier.

Soccer goals used by Ligue 1 clubs

Doyou dream of Ligue 1, training centers or European clubs? Treat yourself to the same equipment. Used by academies and League 1 clubs worldwide, our soccer goals are renowned for their high quality.

All our goal sizes comply with federal standards. They comply with EN748 and EN749 standards (soccer goals).

We have 3 goal sizes, to play :

for 11 players: 7.32 x 2.44 m

for 8 players: 6 x 2.1 m / 5 x 2 m

and our 5-a-side soccer goals available in : 4 x 2 m / 3 x 2 m

Soccer net specialist: a wide range of choices

Although Netsportique originally made only soccer nets, the great success of its soccer equipment led the sports brand to expand and become a specialist in the round ball.

That's why we have a wide range of products to suit all your goals. Nets for 11-a-side soccer cages: stadium or trapezoidal, white or two-tone, we want our nets to match your club's colors.

Give your players the best equipment for their soccer training

We've made the safety of soccer trainers' equipment our top priority. Well aware of what's at stake, and keen to maximize your players' performance on the pitch, we offer you all the soccer equipment you need. We combine safety, sturdiness and quality so that your players can train with the ball at their feet, in the best conditions to win their match.

We offer training products for categories ranging from U6/U7 (pitchounes) to seniors, which are adjustable, so you can intensify your exercises and always get the best out of your players.

Our other pitch equipment and accessories

Every year, we add new products to our catalog, adapting to your needs and offering a range as complete as it is varied.

We focus on quality soccer equipment: our plus points

Powershot: the benchmark brand for your soccer training! We've been developing quality soccer goals and equipment since 2014. All our POWERSHOT® goals come with a 2-year warranty.

Our strengths : as asports equipment manufacturer, we have a wide variety of products, to meet everything your soccer club needs. Our products are manufactured to European standards, so we always guarantee top quality.

Questions: if you have any special requirements for your soccer club, please contact us at We'll be delighted to help. We attach great importance to our customer service.

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