Multisport equipment

Training is Commitment

The behind the scenes of every sporting success; training is a vital part of the process so why compromise on equipment? At Netsportique, we supply a vast range of training material suitable for every sport. Whether you're training as a team or individual, our endless choice will diversify any practise!

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Never underestimate the importance of training

The undeniable route to success; never underestimate the importance of training nor the equipment for it! The correct equipment can transform a training session with more tailored drills that serve to hone certain skills as well as make the session more fun! At netsportique, you will find an endless range of training accessories from hurdles to defender dummies, slalom poles to agility ladders at affordable prices.

Mark your area!

Guiding your team through a multi-step training drill can become complicated. This is where markers come in. With our flexible marker caps and cones in a variety of colours and sizes, everyone knows exactly when and where they’re supposed to be. The flexibility of these products renders them resistant to treading as well as turbulent weather conditions. Coordination, responsiveness and speed are key attributes for so many sports and thus the need for effective training equipment cannot be understated.

Power to the people

Develop your core strength to build stamina for the toughest of matches. Our range of hurdles and slalom poles target leg muscles while jumping exercises with medicine balls can help build overall core strength. Whatever your goal, our online store has the specific equipment for you to feel the burn!

Any questions?

Feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of choice? Not a problem. Send your questions our way at or even give us a call on +44 (0) 330 822 0209 to speak with one of our friendly team members who will be able to advise you on our range of products. At Netsportique, we’re all about great customer service and that’s why all of our products are manufactured to European standards as well as being further tested by our own team. To stay up to date with our latest offers and product releases, sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page! Otherwise have fun browsing the Netsportique online shop!

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