Handball Goals

Are you looking for the best handball goals for your club or community? Netsportique has designed a wide and varied range to meet your requirements. Whether mobile or fixed, in aluminium or steel, we can make custom handball goals!

So, don't hesitate to consult our wide range of handball equipment too to offer you quality equipment!

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Why buy a professional handball goal?

Here are the official dimensions of handball goals:

  • Width: 3 m
  • Height: 2 m
  • Depth: 1 m

The dimensions of a handball goal can vary depending on the category you play in.

For example, for young categories, the dimensions of a handball goal are 2.4 X 1.7 m (mini handball goal). If you can't invest in 2 different goal sizes, we have a goal reducer that can be easily fixed with Velcro; or a range of leisure goals.

All our professional handball goals comply with the EN749 standard for all our steel and aluminium models.

Handball goals in the colours of your choice for your club!

They can be "classic" in red and white checkerboard, BUT you can also now take them in blue and white! We can personalise the handball goals! Same price, and same delivery time. Just ask us by email at They are anti-UV treated to resist the outside, and not to lose their beautiful colours.

If you wish to put them outside, we advise you to use aluminium, as this material does not rust.

Netsportique's advice:

Handball clubs often share the community hall with other sports. Ask your town hall in advance what type of goal you can buy: fixed or transportable.

Would you prefer a transportable, fixed or folding handball goal?

As specialists in professional and amateur handball goals, we have goals for all tastes.

Mobile or fixed handball goal?

Our models are quality products, specially designed for the practice of handball, for a leisure activity, or professional. We have fixed and mobile handball goals:

  • If you choose a handball goal to be fixed in the ground, the sleeves are included, to slide them directly into concrete bases provided for this purpose.
  • The foldable goal system is very clever, because you can leave the goals in place all year round and fold them into the wall to make room for other activities or events. Simply slide the goals along the wall, you don't even need to remove the nets!
  • Transportable goals are the least practical, as you must buy counterweights to use them in competition. But they are necessary if you need to remove them after every training or match.

The manufacturing and delivery time is about 2 to 3 weeks. Please be aware that our goals are made on demand, for you. Everything is done with the transporters to ensure that your handball goal is delivered as quickly as possible.

Range also designed for training or garden use

We also have uPVC Handball Cage 3 x 2 m and mini handball goal 2.4 x 1.7 m (very resistant plastic). These handball goal models have the advantage that they are easy to move and can be assembled quickly thanks to the clip systems. They are very strong thanks to the material that makes the handball goals very resistant.

They are handball cage models suitable for adult shots. They can also be left outside all year round, but if you want the net to keep over time, we advise you to tuck it in at least during the winter period.

How to maintain the cages for better durability?

The maintenance of your handball goal is also simple: a simple wipe with a damp cloth on the handball goal from time to time is enough. Our range of uPVC handball cages therefore has many advantages over the classic models sold by most of our competitors. We won't be the cheapest, but you won't be disappointed by the quality. This is a small revolution for the handball cage market.

We also have fibreglass goals that have counterweights: you can pull as hard as you want, the goal won't tip over. The transportable QuickFire Handball goal can be set up in 1 minute timed on a stopwatch!

100% durable handball training equipment

Our handball goals are used by several professional clubs and academies, proof of the quality of our products. Our selection of handball goals will allow you to practice this sport in the best possible conditions. Whether you wish to use your handball goal indoors or outdoors or use the goal for training or competition: Netsportique can provide you with your handball goal. You will not be disappointed by our different models of goals.

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