Tennis is Class

When it comes to tennis, quality is everything. Customizable products centered on durability, weather resistance and design; our material is made with you in mind. Personalise your products to be unique and let our Carrington brand accompany your club to the top.

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Elevate your game with Netsportique tennis material

Tennis Court Accessories

A sport that embodies style; tennis demands only the highest quality equipment. At Netsportique, our CARRINGTON brand combines functionality with aesthetic to create timeless equipment. Our umpire chairs serve a practical purpose at the same time as being a statement piece on the court. Choose between wooden, aluminium or steel chairs that are designed in line with DIN EN 131 standards and finished with powder coating to ensure long life durability. Netsportique delivers on quality, design and durability no matter your priority.

Customisable Benches

The underrated accessory of every tennis court; our customisable benches are the ideal medium for advertising as well as providing respite for players. An aesthetic storage space for kit, tennis benches are a must for any court be it for professional or leisure use. At Netsportique, we offer an extensive range of benches for different tastes, be it a classic wooden style or a more durable PVC type to suit outdoor courts. Transform your seating arrangement into an advertising opportunity by selecting one of our customisable benches that promote comfort and revenue simultaneously. Our in house editor will personally assist you in every step of your design.

Tennis Nets and Accessories

Tennis nets that comply with DIN EN 1510 standards; Netsportique’s CARRINGTON range is characterised by its quality. Be it for tournament or training purposes, our tennis nets are suitable for all situations reflected in our price range. When considering your net, remember to bear in mind the dimensions, material and thickness that you require as these vary depending on a variety of factors including singles/doubles court width. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries you might have regarding what’s best for your needs.

CARRINGTON dates back several years and is known as a reputable brand for professional and amateur athletes alike. Thanks to its high quality manufacturing, CARRINGTON nets are carefully designed for long term use through high quality polyethylene material and UV stabilisation.

Any questions?

Feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of choice? Not a problem. Send your questions our way at or even give us a call on +44 (0) 330 822 0209 to speak with one of our friendly team members who will be able to advise you on our range of products. At Netsportique, we’re all about great customer service and that’s why all of our products are manufactured to European standards as well as being further tested by our own team. To stay up to date with our latest offers and product releases, sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page! Otherwise have fun browsing the Netsportique online shop!

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