Tennis Umpire Chairs

Are you looking for a professional umpire's chair for your tennis court? Netsportique offers you 2 top-of-the-range models. They have been designed and thought out exclusively by our team for you. Do not doubt anymore and buy a quality tennis court equipment.

Purchase mandatory tennis umpire chair for your tournaments

To be able to play official matches or a tennis tournament, you are obliged to have certain equipment, such as:

  • referee's chair
  • tennis posts
  • tennis net
  • yellow ball
  • racket for tennis players

and highly recommended for others:

  • windbreaker net
  • scoreboard
  • tennis bench

The chair must be outside the court, not touching the white lines on the ground, and be in the middle of the court lengthwise, in the extension of the net. Our 2 chairs comply with the rules of the Lawn Tennis Association.

Tennis umpire chairs at their best

The referee must see the whole court, what is happening on the court, always. Height is crucial for them; visibility must be optimal and unobstructed. The height of the tennis chair should be between 1.70 and 1.80 metres, so that the referee is elevated. The most important thing is always to be able to see the tennis ball.

Comfortable models for the chair umpire

A tennis match can last several hours, so think of the umpire, who goes for hours to referee future tennis players like Murray or Federer. To convince you, here are some common characteristics of our 2 umpire chairs, which stand out from our competitors:

  • The seats are made of orange imitation leather, which are waterproof to resist all climatic hazards, they are lightly padded for optimal comfort. The backrest is even foldable to avoid dust and to leave it outdoors all year round.
  • At the feet, there are rubber protectors, so as not to damage your indoor court coverings, or on the clay court so as not to sag into the ground.
  • Both models have a platform at 80 cm from the ground, so that you can put things (jacket, water bottle, sports bag) on it.
  • The screws are extremely strong! We have really worked on the solidity of our chairs, so that they are very stable.

Our aluminium tennis umpire chair is white, with a very practical platform, because it is a net, ideal for putting things and that they do not move because there is no wind grip.

If you take our top-of-the-range tennis umpire chair - aluminium and wood competition, we have added 2 shelves on each side of the seat to put your things and take notes; including a shelf with a hole to put a cup or a bottle in.

A prime location for your sponsors

Netsportique has been offering the possibility of flocking your sports equipment for several years. For these referee chairs, we can add plates on the sides of the chair, from the floor to the seat (full height) or from the floor to the platform. This is a strategic location for your sponsors, as it is visible to the whole public! It is more interesting if you often do competitions, Grand Slams on a local scale! Because during the finals there will be a lot of people who will see the publicity!

Netsportique's advice:

Buy tennis pro or amateur, whatever the level, we advise you not to fix the umpire's chair, especially for outdoor courts. Because at certain times of the day, the sun can obstruct the vision of the umpire, as well as the linesmen, you can easily move it, for the comfort of the umpires, and avoid refereeing errors.

You will see on other sites " cheap tennis umpire chair " and our models are indeed more expensive, but we are proud of it, because we know that our products are the best, with an irreproachable quality! Aim for excellence for your tennis club.