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Do you need innovative ideas to keep your players progressing? Are you tired of having to cross the ball for your players during training when a machine could do it for you? Netsportique has the solution for you, we provide you with a wide range of football equipment at unbeatable prices!

Don't hesitate any longer and opt for our ball launchers! They will delight all your players, goalkeepers and strikers will progress at a hellish pace!

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A football ball launcher to increase your performance

The ball launchers are revolutionary machines that will allow you to work in the best possible way in training. Whether it is to make forwards work in front of the goal or goalkeepers for their reflexes, it is always necessary to have players who cross the ball or who shoot. So we had to use players to make others work, and in the meantime, we couldn't necessarily use the latter. More so as it is still human work, so we could sometimes have many misses which greatly complicated the progression. With the ball launchers this problem no longer exists! You will have perfect crosses to be able to progress in the best possible way.

The ball launcher will adopt the role of catapult, the ball will be ejected with a straight trajectory which will be perfect to approach the ball and control the ball in the best possible way. Whether it's stopped strikes while controlling the ball or volleys taken at full power your players will be able to give it their all! Your forwards will develop the sharp sense of Harry Kane and your goalkeepers will have the same reflexes as Jordan Pickford!

Football ball launcher: several types of exercises and skills to be developed

The balloon launchers we sell are simply innovative products that are far superior in terms of quality to what you can find on the market and above all at affordable prices! The major innovation that is brought to our ball launchers is that you can adjust the speed at which the ball is sent out as well as the frequency at which the ball is launched. It is therefore a product adaptable in speed and frequency which can be used for professional players as well as amateur or young players. The faster the ball is thrown, the harder it will be for the football player to shoot properly. And the closer the frequency of hitting the ball, the quicker the football player will have to get back into a good position to arm his ball strike.

The quality of your training sessions will therefore be increased tenfold. You can also use our ball launchers to work on free kicks and corner kicks. Indeed, you will be able to send the ball into the penalty area in order to make defenders and attackers confront each other. The defenders will have to appreciate the trajectory of the ball in order to catch the ball and clear it, while the attackers will have to be sharper than the defenders to try to score the goal. In the manner of the greatest European coaches, you will be able to practice the beautiful game while working in a friendly atmosphere!

Automatic football ball launcher: 100% efficient and durable

At Netsportique, we are aware of the needs of football clubs in terms of sports material and equipment. That is why we always want to offer you the best possible equipment so that you can practise your favourite sport in optimum conditions. Develop both the skills of kids in fun games with an educational aspect and those of older players and adults for a better progression.

These ball launcher machines can be used outdoors as well as indoors but be careful not to leave them in the rain. The ball launchers are electronic machines which are equipped with precise technology, for these reasons it is necessary to avoid using them when the weather conditions are bad. This high-quality product has been designed for the practice of football, especially for size 4 and 5 balls. But it is a multi-sport equipment that can also be used with Volleyballs or Handballs.

The inflation and the circumference of your balls must be irreproachable to be able to use your ball launchers in the best conditions. The opposing team will be terrorized by the strength of your attackers in front of goal. The footballs launchers that we put at your disposal are extremely durable. Invest in the long term with Netsportique and its team sports specialists.

We provide an optimal delivery service that will deliver your package in record time, so you can provide all your club members with high quality football equipment.

The Ball launcher: a sports equipment used by professionals... but not just them!

The use of our ball launchers is not only in football clubs but also in private at home in the garden. That's why we strive to offer you models of launcher adapted to your intensity of practice and the use you make of it. A selection so that you can find what you are looking for, whatever your objectives

The POWAPASS ball launcher is also a model that can be used for children at home, in the garden. You will be able to spend friendly moments with your children or grandchildren. The remote controls supplied with the machine will allow you to control the machine remotely for even more autonomy and performance! You will be able to adjust the angle and direction of throw, making it the perfect adaptable product, no matter how much space you have in your garden.

Our ball launcher PRO is tailor-made for sports clubs. Most professional clubs are equipped with this ultra-reliable and ultra-durable machine. The speed of the ball is even more developed, a support and stability that ensures perfect ball trajectories.

Ball launcher prices: the best prices on the market!

The Netsportique teams are concerned about the sporting development and financial health of football clubs. We know that in order to survive in the world of football and make your club sustainable, you need to be able to have a coherent and well-kept budget. Therefore we provide you with high quality equipment at very competitive prices. Your only concern will therefore be the green rectangle and the training you provide to your players to take them on the road to victory! Budget concerns will no longer be on your mind thanks to Netsportique's know-how and expertise.

Our customer service department is at your service daily to answer your questions and provide you with a comprehensive buying guide. Contact our teams at to request your personalised quote and benefit from free delivery for purchases over 75 euros.

Our ball launcher allows you to throw the balls at a crazy pace so that you can progress in the best possible way. It will no longer be a question of dodging the balls, but of controlling them so that you can shoot at the goal and have a chance to score! Putting the ball in the back of the net will become child's play, football will no longer hold any secrets for you. Solidify your defence and increase your offensive power with top quality Netsportique ball launchers at ridiculously low prices.

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