Basketball Backboards

Would you like to purchase a panel for your basketball hall? Or to hang in your courtyard? Netsportique has decided to make panels on its own to give you the choice in the installation of your basketball basket. Whether they are for leisure or competition, you will find different quality models.

So, don't hesitate and come and consult our online shop and more particularly the Basketball section in order to acquire the best products at the best prices on the market!

A wall-mounted basketball board for your club or garden?

For your club, we strongly recommend the panels with a hanging system on the back, which is much stronger and more resistant. The panel for wall mounting, at a fixed height, and the panel for adjustable wall mounting changes height via a quick adjustment from 2.60 to 3.05 m. To know which height to set, you need to know, who is going to use the baskets: for children under the age of 12, the height is 2.6m, whereas if they are over 12 years old, they will have the standard height of 3.05m. To adjust the height is very easy, thanks to a crank handle!

With these 2 models, nothing could be simpler to install, you just must screw 4 screws on the backboard (already pre-drilled) and you're done!

However, for your garden, there is no need to take such a sophisticated system. A simple rounded leisure backboard will suffice. You will be able to fix it where you want it, on the surface you want, and most importantly: at the height you want! This leisure panel is also available in rectangular shapes 120cm x 90cm and 180cm x 105cm! Whether the basketball panel is for adults or children, the height can be adjusted over the years.

Basketball panels for schoolchildren

Who has never played basketball in junior high or high school? No one! Basketball being a virtually compulsory discipline in P.E. Installing wall panels allows you to have more baskets, and more possibilities for your students to play. It is a cheap investment and allows children to learn basketball techniques easily and quickly.

Then all you must do is buy a hoop, a net and you can start playing. It's up to you the long hours of training, and some crazy games, worthy of great basketball players!

To complete your equipment, or to set up in the schoolyard, we have portable basketball baskets (which are easy to move). Nothing will please your students more than being able to make free throws and imitate their NBA idols.

Netsportique thinks of everything! To play in complete safety, we have a foam basketball, it is very well imitated, pleasant to hold, smaller so that children can hold it well and make dribbles or assists to the basket!

100% resistant basketball panels for indoor or outdoor use.

For indoors and outdoors! Whether you take backboards for training or competition, they must be solid and above all resistant to shocks, as well as to the possible suspensions of players, the famous dunks! You can use them for the school environment, for your basketball club, or for intensive competition, with official matches.

The material of all our basketball panels is plywood and fibreglass. To withstand powerful shots.

The black lines are integrated in the panel, for a better resistance to the outside environment. The price/quality ratio is excellent! Its shape can be classic: rectangular, or half-moon.

Netsportique's little tips

Basketball boards are a real advantage for your gym, because while you are working on game situations on your official court, other players can practice on the sides of the room to make free throws, shoot at 3 points, work on duels, play 1-on-1 ... We advise you to take 4 backboards in addition to your 2 official basketball baskets.

Make your choice among our basketball training equipment for a perfect practice of this sport. Among them, the essential basketball board! If you would like a basketball shopping guide, please do not hesitate to contact us: We will do our utmost to be able to deliver as quickly as possible. We work with serious and reactive transporters who ensure a delivery of your basketball board in a minimum of time.