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Tennis net: equip your courts at the best price!

Which tennis net to choose?

Having a quality tennis net is essential for all your tennis courts. Whether you use your courts infrequently or regularly and intensively, you will be more than satisfied with our range of nets. All nets are 12.70m in length and 1.05m in height and are supplied with a high quality headrope to ensure that the assembly process is as simple as possible.

For your training grounds: (or a leisure practice) prefer our 2mm single mesh tennis net. It is a quality net for use on indoor and outdoor courts and will be suitable for beginners or Sunday players. This net will be more than enough. All our nets are treated against UV rays so that they do not deteriorate.

For your tournaments: discover several possibilities of nets: a 3mm or 3.5mm thick mesh will be ideal for tennis tournaments. They are of very good quality with guaranteed resistance. The top band is made of 6.4 cm woven polyester with 4 rows of stitching. These tennis nets are reinforced around the perimeter for superior strength. Become a great competitor by using them. Use in indoor or outdoor courts. If you have tennis players on a lightning fast serve, don't hesitate to use this reinforced net! When serving, the ball may hit the net, and at this speed, with a pro racquet, a non-reinforced net could be damaged.

For your multi-sports fields: if you are a community club, you are surely in cohabitation with other team sports in a gymnasium. This does not prevent you from playing tennis! You can take posts that are suitable for volleyball, badminton and tennis. For the net on the other hand, you must necessarily take a tennis net, because for other sports, the balls can pass through the mesh of the net.

What are the characteristics of our nets?  

Each of our nets has been expertly designed to offer top performance. All our nets are:

  • ISO 16663-1:2000 quality
  • anti-UV treated
  • 100% resistant to mildew, they will allow you to play tennis in all seasons, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Compatible with most standard tennis posts.
  • Double the mesh for even more durability

From the cheap tennis net to the top of the range, discover our must-haves. You can choose to reinforce the top 6 rows of your net by doubling them, ideal for intensive and professional tennis practice. Tennis players must have good equipment to be able to progress in the best conditions.

What are the benefits? Doubling the meshes extends the life of the nets. The expert tennis net is additionally reinforced with PVC strips on both sides and at the bottom to make it ultra-durable. Our pro net with full height double mesh is renowned for its quality. You can leave the net installed all year round outdoors, it will withstand the elements!

Which sizes to choose?

Each component of the net has been manufactured with high quality materials so you can be assured of extraordinary performance and excellent durability. We have a singles tennis court net, which is shorter than the others, which are made for double tennis courts. The nets are 12.70 x 1.05m in size. The high-quality net is UV treated so that it can withstand all weather conditions and guarantee a long use over time. Our selection is fully compatible with our range of tennis posts, providing you with everything you need.

A wide range of accessories to vary your enjoyment

In order to complete your tennis equipment, we provide you with all kinds of accessories that will help you to perform even better and why not succeed in the Grand Slam! Among these you will find simple posts to keep the net taut for even more resistance, even Nadal's services will not bend the net. The Regulator and the Tennis Net Rope will also play this important role in maintaining the net.

We also have sealing fasteners for the tennis net regulator.

With all these accessories at a professional level, you can create a sports installation worthy of the name, where there is no room for errors!

How to install your tennis nets?

We provide everything you need to create a world-class tennis court. All our nets are delivered with a good quality and stong cable, which guarantees a quick installation. Our wide selection combines professional appearance with outstanding performance.

No doubt: this tennis equipment will meet your requirements. Add a professional touch to all your tennis courts by purchasing one of the many nets available. Opt for high quality and high-performance sports equipment at a low price with our tennis nets. An irreproachable quality ratio!

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