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Huge selection of tennis nets

One of the most important pieces of tennis equipment you will need is, of course, the tennis net itself! Here you can find a huge selection of tennis nets and we will be happy to advise you on which net is most suitable for you.

The tennis net always separates the middle of the court and is 12.7m in length, 0.99 m high in the centre and 1.04 m high at the ends. The mesh must be dark, diamond-shaped or square, with a side length of 45 mm. The white headband should have a width between 10 and 13 cm with an interieur cable to attach to the tennis posts. Finally, the centre strap is used to maintain a constant height over a period of up to four hours. Now that you know the dimensions and standards for this particular equipment, you can pick which net you want!

At Netsportique, we attach a real importance to the quality of the equipment we offer. That's why every tennis net we sell is guaranteed to be UV-resistant; your material will not be damaged by the sun's rays. We have a large selection of nets for differents uses. For leisure and training use, opt for a 2mm mesh. If your equipment is intended for club or match use, we reccommend a mesh of 2.5-3mm. Finally, for professional players, we advise you to choose a 3.5mm mesh. Whichever net you choose we ensure it is of the highest quality to ensure a strong and durable product. Whatever you are searching for, you will be able to find it at Netsportique!

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