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Football Nets

Are you looking for football equipment such as nets for your football goals? We have nets of all sizes and in a variety of colours, allowing clubs to have nets in their own colours! Our football nets are legal: you can use them in your stadium, as well as for professional championships.

11-a-side Competition Goal Nets

11-a-side Training Goal Nets

7-a-side Football Goal Nets

5-a-side Football Goal Nets

Net Accesories

Football goal net for all sizes:

The Netsportique site started with only football nets. This is really our strong point! We have all sizes, all mesh sizes, and colour combinations that you won't find anywhere else.

Designed to be the best professional football goal material, they are for all sizes from 3 x 2m to 7.32 x 2.44m. You need to buy it a little wider than the football cage so that the net can cover the goal well. These football nets are in regulation: they are for all levels and all competitions.

From the youngest, under-12s, to under-18s, to Sunday league teams; without forgetting veterans. The thicker the football net, the stronger it is. Indispensable goal accessories to be able to play and hit the football with all your strength!

All our nets are treated against UV rays, so you can stay outside all year round, without any problem, or lose intensity if you choose coloured nets.

All our nets are knotless, as it has been proven that nets with knots deteriorate more easily over time.

If you are used to doing goalkeeper training very regularly, we advise you to start on 4mm. Because the number of shots is higher, even more so if you use a ball thrower. For corners, and free kicks, close range shots can weaken the mesh, that's why you should immediately invest in good quality nets.

11 a side football goal net

For 11-a-side football goals the standard size is 7.5 x 2.5 m (width x height). You just have to be careful at the back of your goal, whether your football cage is the same depth at the top and bottom (European 11-a-side football net) or whether you have a smaller depth at the top and a wider one at the bottom (trapezoidal 11-a-side football net). We offer several meshes, between 2 and 4mm, 2mm being more for training (thinner) and 4mm for a more intense use, during a football match.

European 11 goal nets

Size 7.50 x 2.5 x 2 (high and low depth of 2 m). They are made for anchored football goals, as the nets will be held by the rear masts. You can choose a classic (European) mesh, i.e. square; or to change and make a little more original a hexagonal or honeycomb mesh. We also have coloured football nets, which allow clubs to have nets to match their logo or club colours. Ideal for showing the opposing team the values of your club, make a lasting impression and make footballers remember you.

Every striker dreams of being positioned in front of goal and scoring a goal worthy of his name. Seeing the goal nets shaking is the best feeling for a player looking for progress and success! Our goals and nets are designed to meet all your needs. Free kicks and penalties can be scored with the football in a majestic way thanks to Netsportique football nets! Your stadiums will be full of wonderful stories to tell, and your club's trophy cabinet will grow with you! So, don't wait any longer and come to Netsportique and get equipped with top quality equipment at unbeatable prices! Playing football will be easy, safe and above all in a good mood.

Trapezoidal nets for 11 a side football goal

The trapezoidal nets are for transportable football goals, which have different high and low depths. Be sure to look carefully at your football goal before buying as we have 2 types of nets:

The different purposes we offer are included in a selection of multi-sport products so that you can be as versatile as possible. It is also very good for schools who will be able to transmit the values of sport to children through physical activity classes. These are real quality goals and nets that we put at your disposal so that you can practice your favourite sport in the best conditions!

The 7 a side football net

The dimensions for this size of goal net are 6.1 x 2.15 m (European size 8 football net).

They are suitable for:

  • Folding football goals
  • Anchored goals
  • Or transportable football goals

Your strikers will be able to have fun during training sessions or during matches! The average number of goals you'll score will keep increasing and you'll be able to reach the top very quickly! The rigid posts will be perfectly solid to resist over time, the durability of our products is no longer to be proven. Our fixed football goals can be ordered with carrying bags for optimal ease of transport, so you can keep your football goal net clean and safe.

Net for 5 a side football goals

There are two sizes of football goals: 4 x 2 m and 3 x 2 m. For use in children's football, or for senior citizens training on smaller goals to work on more specific exercises.

For the 4 x 2 m football goals, the size of the football net is 4.1 x 2.15 m. For 3 x 2 m football cages, the size of the football net is 3.15 x 2.15 m. Please note that all the football nets we sell comply with the European standards for sports equipment to meet all safety requirements. Moreover, they are regularly tested and approved by a group of professionals, in order to benefit from the best returns and thus offer the best materials to the players.

Football goal net accessories

To attach the football nets to the football cages, you need net accessories (hooks for fixing the football net). Some of them must be screwed on, or other hooks must be turned at the posts and the crossbar.

Essential for clubs using natural football pitches, we recommend the lifting system, so that you can mow the lawn without damaging your precious nets. For a synthetic football pitch, of course, no special maintenance is required, the lifting bar is not necessary.

All our football equipment is of high quality and allows you to play football. The practice of football in a leisure setting, in private at home, in your garden or in your yard is also possible. We also promote the practice of football in the open air, progressing and having fun at home. The same applies to the sports equipment as well as to the football goals and other football equipment or football training. Feel free to browse through our different categories to find out more. Is this the first goal you buy? Are you afraid of getting the wrong net? Contact us for more advice on +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60 or

The football goal net is important, it shows the image of your football club and enhances your football cages. Netsportique is THE site for buying football nets, to play football in perfect conditions! Also use quality nets to play in your garden with your friends or children! Our nets will delight your children. So, don't hesitate any longer, it's at Netsportique where it’s at!