Large range of football nets for all sizes of football goals.

Our football goal nets come in various colours, patterns and thicknesses, but there is no variation in the quality of our nets. We have ensured that all our nets are of the highest standard and among the best you can buy on the market.

We have kids football nets which are perfect for mini goals and our smaller POWERSHOT® goals. We also have a huge variety of professional nets for full-size goals and stadium goals in twisted 4mm twine to ensure the highest quality and durability. Our stadium nets can be bought in two colours meaning even your goal posts can match your team colours!

Our nets are UV protected to prevent any discolouration and are full reinforced around the perimeter to avoid any fraying or tearing.

You will find that all of our nets are sold to be slightly larger than the goal for which they are intended. This allows the goal to be fully covered by the net and ensures the net has the necessary give required to cushion the ball.

Don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our Netsportique team if want any advice on choosing the perfect net for you. For more information on any of our products, please contact us at