Are you looking for specific basketball equipment? Whether you are a professional or a private individual, don't be afraid of not being able to equip yourself, because Netsportique is here to provide you with a wide range of basketball equipment at the best market prices! So, don't hesitate any longer and come and visit our online shop to take advantage of quality basketball equipment at competitive prices!

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Basketball basket for individuals

Basketball is not only played in the institutionalized setting of basketball clubs or schools. It is obvious that the practice of this sport is also in the framework of leisure, to relax at home with friends or to try to progress more and more, to improve one's level of play.

Netsportique is concerned about the needs of Basketball players and offers a wide range of transportable Basketball hoops which you can install in your garden and practice for hours on end, in the comfort of your own home! Indeed, playing basketball with our hoops will be easy because they are transportable. You can therefore practice your favourite team sport in all simplicity and place your hoop as you wish. On top of that, the height of our basketball hoops is adjustable from 1.5m to 3m and therefore ideal for both children and adults.

Alone or during small games or matches, improve your precision and skill to become an ace at 3-point shots!

Outdoor basketball court for clubs or schools

The Netsportique teams also want to be able to offer a wide variety of basketball equipment for schools and clubs. Basketball courts are important places of exchange and learning, so we want to provide the best equipment so that you can play in optimal conditions.

Professional clubs, universities or schools to fit out their gymnasiums have all already validated our basketball stands and hoops. As a guarantee of quality, all our basketball equipment complies with the EN1270 standard.

Whatever your objectives, or the intensity of your practice, you will find the right basketball hoop for your basketball court or gym! Our sports equipment will enhance your sports facilities for even more performance! Players or children will learn even better, and always at the best market prices.

Quality basketball equipment at the best market price

We also have all the necessary components for your basketball baskets so that your basketball equipment is as complete as possible! These include panels, hoops, nets and multiple accessories.

  • Backboards: you will be able to make your choice of backboard according to your sporting activity and your goals. Leisure, professional quality, match or competition, there is something for everyone! Our models of panels for wall mounting are adjustable to fit from 2.60m to 3m.
  • Hoops: Purchase or renewal of hoops, benefit from our wide range of low-cost circles. They are resistant and solid, they are perfectly shock-resistant, whether outdoors or in the gym.
  • Nets: We also sell nets to accompany your basketball hoops. As for the panels and hoops, we also have nets with different thicknesses, the thicker the net, the stronger and more resistant it will be. Durability is also increased!

Basketball equipment and accessories

And finally, to feed your training sessions, we provide you with a wide range of training equipment and more specifically basketball accessories so that your training sessions are as rich as possible!

No more stagnation of your teams, move more and more towards victory thanks to all kinds of accessories such as: dummy, defensive dummy, ball carriers, tactical whiteboards, foam balls, basketball post protectors etc.

Benefit fromhigh quality products, tested and validated by professional teams.

Whatever your level of practice, your goals, your age, we can provide you with quality basketball equipment at very competitive prices. The equipment is diverse and varied, Netsportique will ensure the delivery of your equipment in record time!