Basketball Hoops

Are you a sports club or community and would like to install new sports equipment in a gym or on an open-air basketball court? You are an amateur or professional basketball player and would like to train more regularly at home? There are many models of basketball baskets to meet different needs.

Discover our complete range of solid and resistant basketball baskets for a shooter or dunker, indoors or outdoors! Whatever your level, we have what you need. Equip yourself for basketball at the best price. Don't miss any more shots: aim for the right basket. 100% resistant fixing and guaranteed solidity.

How to choose a basketball basket?

Basketball basket on a stand or hung on the wall?

The choice of a basket to equip your basketball court is made according to several criteria, from the age of the players to the place of practice, the level of competition or the possible need to move it easily.

You will first have to choose between a free-standing basketball hoop or a wall-mounted basketball panel:

  • The free-standing system has the advantage that it can be installed in many places. Its post is directly embedded in concrete, which guarantees a high degree of solidity. Once installed on your sports equipment, it will not be able to move or fall during training or matches. Some models of basketball baskets also have a counterweight base and castors for easy installation and movement.
  • Wall systems, on the other hand, are simply attached to a wall or post. If your garden does not allow for a standing basket, the hanging models are an excellent alternative. Consisting of a plexiglass or polyester panel, a hoop, a net and a hanging system, these products are both sturdy and space-saving.

Which basket height should I choose?

The height of the basketball baskets depends on the age of the players. In official competitions for adults, whether it is the teams of the British county championships or those of the famous NBA (New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, etc.), the panel culminates at 3.05 metres. Its official height, however, is 2.60 metres when children under 11 years of age meet. If you want to buy a basketball basket that is durable and can be adjusted over time, you should opt for models with adjustable height. In this way, all players will be able to have fun making three-pointers or dunks on equipment adapted to their age. You can also place a wall basket at the height of your choice.

Which basketball baskets should I choose for indoor and outdoor use?

To play basketball indoors, the choice of basket will depend on the type of practice and the means at your disposal to install it. But which basketball basket to choose? If your gymnasium is designed to host official basketball matches, you will need to choose a model dedicated to competition. Other products will be more suitable for training and will allow players to improve their shooting or rebounding skills.

Basketball baskets for outdoor practice are designed to withstand the vagaries of the weather for a long time. Installed on an outdoor court, they are generally made of galvanized steel and can be equipped with a rigid net, also made of steel. Other, lighter and more flexible models are ideal for the home or school yard.

Find our outdoor baskets to equip your grounds or our transportable baskets for more practicality. Feel like playing basketball in your yard? Opt for our leisure baskets.

Wide choice of basketball baskets according to your needs.

For children or adults

Our range consists of basketball baskets for children and adults. If you wish to buy a basketball basket that will last over time and adapt to the age of the different players, choose an adjustable model. The whole family will be able to enjoy it!

Small or large basketball basket

In addition to the adjustable baskets, we also offer mini basketball baskets for use as a mini-basket or as a leisure activity in your garden or schoolyard. On the other hand, the large baskets with a 3.05-metre high hoop are more suitable for competition.

For professional or amateur players

Basketball baskets for professional players (Jeep Elite, NBA, etc.) are regulated. Basketball courts hosting official adult competitions must therefore be equipped with baskets consisting of a circular hoop 45 centimetres in diameter located 3.05 metres above the ground and a rectangular plexiglass board measuring 1.80 metres by 1.05 metres.

These baskets can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall, and have a flexible, high-strength steel hoop to ensure the players' safety in the event of a dunk. Naturally, the requirements are less demanding for basketball baskets intended for amateur or recreational use. Thanks to their high quality, our amateur baskets will allow you to play like the stars of the NBA!

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How to equip your basketball court

How to install the basketball baskets?

To install a wall basket, choose a load-bearing wall and avoid placing it near a fragile surface such as a window. Depending on the desired height, you will simply need to drill a hole in the wall before screwing your basketball basket. Make sure that you screw in enough to ensure that your team sports equipment is perfectly supported.

For free-standing basketball baskets, this will depend on the system chosen. Baskets with a weighted base can be easily moved and installed in the desired location thanks to their castors if they are equipped with them.

For the other models, there are two options: fixing the foot to the floor using an anchoring system or concreting it in place using sleeves. In all cases, your playing area must be flat and clear to allow players to dribble, pass the basketball or take free throws.

Basketball baskets for garden or gymnasium use

If you wish to buy a basketball board for your garden, ideally provide a solid ground so that you can bounce the ball and play your games in real conditions. While a free-standing basket can be placed anywhere in your garden, a wall-mounted backboard should be installed on a flat vertical surface, above the garage for example.

In a gymnasium, depending on its layout and your objective, it is also possible to opt for a free-standing or wall-mounted basket. This will allow you to accommodate students from nearby middle and high schools, as well as licensed basketball players in clubs looking for quality facilities to practice their favourite activity.

Buy your basketball basket at the best price today! Our products are designed to meet your different needs and adapt to your installation constraints. Whether they are free-standing or wall-mounted, adjustable or not, our basketball baskets are distinguished by their unfailing solidity, their adaptability and their long lifespan. Adapt them to your guide with our basketball hoops, basketball net and other accessories.