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Because rugby is a sport that requires power, we have designed our range of equipment and accessories to be as robust and tough as rugby players. What is rugby without solid foundations? Choose Netsportique for stable and resistant posts that can withstand the blows. Browse through our range of training equipment to coach your players.

Rugby equipment and accessories for rugby clubs

Rugby is known to be the gentleman's sport par excellence! However, the physical characteristics of the players and the way the game is played in this contact sport could lead one to believe otherwise. But above all it is the fantastic values that rugby stands for that make up the essence of this sport. Respect, solidarity, mutual aid, surpassing oneself are the key words when playing rugby. Several professional clubs nowadays make huge European Cup appearances, such as Exeter Chiefs or Bristol Bears in particular, and these clubs contribute to the good image of this sport. Fans love to watch rugby whether it is in the Premiership or on the Six Nations.

In order to continue to uphold these fine values, it goes without saying that the Rugby Football Union is working to perpetuate the practice of rugby and to democratise it in general, whether in clubs or even at school. Indeed, it is important to transmit these values at school, it is part of an education for life. To do this,Netsportique simply wishes to be part of this strategy to develop the practice of rugby by offering you the best rugby equipment at ridiculously low prices!

Reflecting the robustness of this sport, we offer a wide range of rugby equipment essential to the practice of this sport. How not to put at your disposal solid and stable posts, in this sport where physical power is king! Our rugby posts are professional quality, very solid. They can therefore be used in training as well as in competition. The anodised stainless aluminium material allows a rare lightness despite the imposing size of these posts. But the enormous innovation lies in the resistance to weather conditions over time. Indeed, there is no risk of the posts deteriorating over time in the rain, as they will not rust. We truly make quality our philosophy, it is unthinkable for us to offer you anything other than the best quality on the market.

Our Rugby posts are available in different sizes so that you can choose the ones that best suit your pitch.

And as we don't joke about safety, our specialist rugby teams only make equipment that complies with European standards for sports equipment! Our postscomply with the NF S52-409 regulations! We make it a point of honour to have all the products we sell tested and approved in order to always have the best advice from our panel of professionals and so we can offer you the best equipment! In order to avoid the concussions that are frequent in rugby, we have decided to provide you with rugby post protectors. They are offered to you in sets of 4 so that you can dress all the posts on your pitch. Your installations will therefore look great thanks to Netsportique rugby materials!

Everything for rugby with Netsportique!

We are also close to what coaches and trainers can feel when they want to improve their players. Lack of progress and worse, stagnation of players can sometimes be a source of great frustration for coaches who are required to meet the goals set by their management. Rugby coaches need the best equipment to be able to offer quality training sessions. A good performance can only be achieved if one trains in good conditions, and above all with regularity and repetition of effort. The basic equipment is no longer enough for high level rugby players to progress.

That is why we offer you a wide selection of complementary accessories so that you can complete your rugby equipment with high quality material. The more diverse and varied your equipment is, the more innovative your training will be and the more your players will not get tired of always performing the same moves. Good mood, desire and mental energy is the key element for a good player development. Defensive moves such as the tackle or the scrum will no longer hold any secrets for your players, no more risk of taking yellow cards because the rugby players' moves will be under control. Among all the products that we offer you, discover:

A good understanding between the different team-mates will allow your team to get through the quarter-final stage easily and move ever closer to victory!

Quality rugby equipment at the best prices guaranteed

Before spending too hastily, everyone looks for bargains, or is looking for the Outlet categories in the various online shops. It is the same reasoning for teams competing in the Premiership or for amateur teams. Whatever the size of the budget, you must make savings to make your club last over time, this is the key to success. We are aware of this, so we offer very attractive prices so that spending is never a worry when buying rugby equipment! You will be able to focus more on every match and leave financial worries behind with our personalised selection of products at the best prices on the market.

The word quality is not necessarily associated with big expenses. We do offer quality materials, but our main aim is to provide you with our equipment at reasonable prices. All your energy will no longer be polluted by problems outside the game, you will be able to remobilise your troops during half-time or even celebrate victory with your supporters, nothing will stop you!

Cheap rugby accessories for optimal progress!

From the rugby team, to the playground, through physical education and sports classes, as well as in top sports clubs, you will be able to find what you need with our online shop! We want to provide you with the best rugby equipment at unbeatable prices so that you can progress towards your goals and why not aim for your wildest dreams with quality equipment! The oval rugby ball will no longer hold any secrets for anyone, values, sweat and progress will be an integral part of the game.

Our accessories are of course also suitable for private individuals who wish to have a good time with their family or friends in a private setting. Whether in the courtyard, in the garden, before the games, have fun and spend your money without counting on our sports equipment! We have been on the market for more than 10 years with our know-how, our teams are available to answer your questions. Ask for a personalised quote on +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60. With such a service, there is no doubt that you will become the best club in your league, just like Twickenham!

If you want to have Billy Vunipola's stature and the same team cohesion as the English national team, thenopt for the rugby equipment that Netsportique has at your disposal. Without further ado, treat yourself to the right equipment to practice your favourite sport in the best possible way. In addition, we provide an optimal delivery service that will delight you and allow you to enjoy your order at lightning speed!

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