Improve your golf game even more. Are you looking for the best practice net for your golf club or for training at home? Then look no further and look at our 3 top models, which are of superior quality. They are products that we have developed and perfected for professional and amateur golfers. Golf is one of the other sports that we are developing to a great extent, to always meet your highest expectations.

Ranking :

100% weatherproof golf training net!

Not everyone has an area of several hectares in their garden. But it is necessary for golf practice. Knowing that a good player can have a range of more than 230 metres, it is better to have a net to stop the golf balls, instead of going to look for them once the session is over. It could take hours, and you may not find all the balls. To remedy this golfing problem, Netsportique has developed 3 products, with the aim of technical training, without having to worry about searching for the ball on every shot. The net will stop the ball cleanly. You will only have to pick it up at the bottom of the golf cage net.

These are the features that are valid for all 3:

  • The tubes have a diameter of 32 mm
  • The material of the structure is black-painted steel, which is covered with a thick layer of foam, which would absorb shocks, if any.
  • The netting is knot-free, 2.5 mm thick and has a mesh size of 25 mm. Also included is an additional protective net that is placed at the back of the golf cage, to double the thickness of the net where the balls will be thrown. Of course, they are treated to resist the sun's rays and not deteriorate with the vagaries of the weather.
  • There is an integrated target to hang at the back of the range, if you want to work on your accuracy.

Golf cage to improve your game

A golf practice net is the ideal equipment to improve your game. Depending on the model you choose you can work on the famous golf swing. But also see which club you prefer between the putter to bring the ball closer to the hole, or the drivers that will send the balls far away to get closer to the holes on the golf course. In this way you will be able to considerably improve your playing techniques with the different clubs.

If you are at home in your garden, you can even increase the difficulty and put yourself in complex situations, which you may encounter during a round at your club. For example: getting out of a bunker. Not everyone is good at this, even experienced players! Put some sand at the entrance of the driving range and practice several shots to get out of it. You'll no longer be apprehensive about landing in a bunker.

When you get back on the course, you'll impress all the other golfers. That's when you'll realise that all your training has finally paid off.

3 models for amateur or experienced golfers

3x3x3 m cubed cage

This is the first model we created. Thanks to all your comments, your constructive remarks, we have been able to improve the product, develop the other models and, above all, make it an indispensable piece of golf equipment.

This golf cage is cubed: all sides measure 3 metres. It is the model that takes up the least space and is the most suitable for beginners, or for working on approach shots: because precision in golf is very important! The green card issued by England Golf and long hours at tournaments.

Structure with 2 playing fields

This practice model is ideal for playing in pairs, or for clubs that want to invest in dedicated driving range space. The integrated targets are in pairs, there is no additional cost. For a sports association, this can be a long-term investment, because private lessons can be taken, with one side the professional, and on the other side the golfer who wants to improve his golf practice.

Golf practice model with deep space

This practice cage is specially designed to work on your trajectories, as you have enough distance to analyse the direction your ball is taking and correct it if necessary. The Ryder Cup will have no more secrets for you.

Tips from Netsportique:

If you leave the cage outside all year round, we strongly advise you to place counterweights or anchors on the ground structure, as wind grip is important and the cage could tip over.

Why buy a golf practice net

For professional and amateur golf clubs

The advantage of having one or more golf cages with a net is that you can give private lessons without disturbing the other players. You can take the model with 2 places to swing. And why not develop lessons for children? It is a practice that is starting to develop in the United Kingdom, and your members could bring their own children to make them discover this beautiful sport.

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