Water Polo

Water polo is one of the sports that requires the most physical fitness to be practiced. Indeed, the players' agility and endurance is put to the test. Fitness should not be taken lightly. Endurance is necessary and it is on this point of the cardio that we insist. In order to be up to the challenge of your teammates or other teams in your championship, you need quality and durable sports equipment.

Netsportique offers you the best materials for your water polo cages at the best prices on the market! So don't wait any longer, treat yourself to the best water polo goal, don't let your goal or victory slip away!

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What choice of Water Polo goal to make?

Among our category of Water-Polo goals, discover our selection of professional quality goals. You have the choice between 3 models to meet your needs and which will fit in your pool perfectly. These goals are approved by several professional Water-Polo clubs for their durability, stability and resistance. But also and above all because they all comply with the European standards EN1270 and EN 790.

And because at Netsportique we are concerned about customer satisfaction, we always guarantee high quality sports equipment at unbeatable prices! We supply all our water polo goals in pairs:

Durable and robust water polo goal for swimming pools

One of our most popular models is the goal which is to be attached to the poolside with its sturdy reinforcement bars. If you have a pool that meets the standards for Water Polo competitions, then this goal will be perfect for you!

However, if you are unable to use the edges of your pool then the two fold-down models are ideal and will make your pool look even more beautiful. They have foam-filled floats and are surrounded by a waterproof material. They will not sink or tip over. They are extremely stable. Tested and approved by professional clubs!

All our three models of pool goals are made of highly resistant stainless aluminium. This makes them ideal for perfect acclimatisation to the aquatic environment, they will not rust, and no deterioration will be noticed.

In addition to this, the Netsportique teams will provide you with fast delivery and a customer service team that is there to answer all your questions daily. You will therefore be able to supply your club quickly, always at very competitive prices.

Pool nets for water polo goals

As the water polo goal is not an end, it is obvious that it must be accompanied by a net worthy of it’s name! Our teams have therefore designed a net that is perfectly adapted to aquatic environments. It is ultra-resistant with its 4mm thick mesh. The dimensions are 3m x 1m x 0.80m.

As with the Water-Polo goals, the Water-Polo nets are sold in pairs and will go perfectly with them so that you can train in the best conditions and perform at the maximum during tournaments or matches.

Don't be afraid to spend hours looking for the right product for your water polo club. Visit our online shop and treat yourself to the best sports equipment at the best prices on the market and become a Water Polo ace!

Need advice? Call us on +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60 to find the Water-Polo equipment adapted to your needs or send us an email at


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