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Winter is coming... Winter is fast approaching and you want to hit the slopes as soon as the first snowflakes fall? Then you've come to the right place! Netsportique is launching its great new products for 2021: children's and baby sleds, spinning top sleds and 2-seater sleds.


Which sled to buy for adults, children or babies?

Your holiday in Chamonix is already booked and you are wondering where to buy sleds? We can help you find the right model for your needs.

  • For children: we can recommend the
    • tron, a classic but very good value for money product. For beginners, this is the product you need.
    • Supernova model: for more freestyle
  • For babies, there is the model: the baby driver. It is very well used on the powder, during stroll.
  • For adults: the stratos model. This is THE model that you should take to the mountain with you. It has everything to please:
    • Sled with steering wheel
    • 2 seats
    • load capacity up to 120 kg


2-seater metal brake sleds: design, sport and more

The two-seater sled is really fun! Children will be delighted to slide with an adult, or even with siblings and cousins. The double sled is ideal for a downhill run, because the heavier you are, the more you will hurtle down the slopes! It is also a good choice for beginners, as an adult can accompany the beginner, so that they feel safe on the pro sled.

An adult sled can usually support up to 100kg to 150kg

A two-seater sled allows two people to enjoy the fun of sledding tenfold!

If you really want to try something new, then try a real racing sled: the bobsleigh. Bobsleds are capsules designed to go at extreme speeds. Many ski resorts offer introductory courses for snow bob sledding.


Gone are the classic wooden sleds, replaced by the designer plastic sleds

Plastic sleds: robustness and better grip

Wooden sleds are no longer relevant, as they have become too dangerous and cause accidents that could be avoided. Not least because of the metal blades under the sled. Now the plastic sled has become a must, its price is more attractive, the models much more varied, in short, you will find your happiness!

Another advantage of the plastic sled is that it is much more manageable! The turns will have no more secret for you. You can do downhill, speed races, speed speed.

If you want to buy sleds for winter sports, the whole Netsportique team recommends plastic models.

Do you know the summer sled? Unlike snow sledging, this is super bob sledding during the summer season. In Mont Blanc or in the Vosges, you can try this discipline, most of the time it is a 2-seater bobsled. You don't need snow to go sledding!

Bob with harness: strap and easy grip

During the holidays, it's always great to go for a walk and enjoy the snowy landscape. Especially if you are in mountain towns such as La Bresse, Val Thorens or La Plagne.

The strap, held in your hand or tied around your waist, allows your baby to slide down the slopes or through the streets. Your child will even be able to fall asleep in the sled, as it will be well attached. Having a rope makes it really easy to move around on paths that would normally be impassable with a pushchair, whereas with a sledge for babies and children: anything is possible!

The best thing is to find a play area, where you can pull the children's sled, and your children will be delighted to slide on the snow sled!


Children's sleds: fun and safety on the slopes

Children's sleds, children's bobsleighs: wide choice

All the baby sleds you will see on our website have a harness for pulling the sled. This is essential to be able to go for a ride, and go back up to the top of the slopes, without having to untie the children each time.

Our SKIDRIFTER model is a real little gem of a sled!

It is an innovative racing sled with 3 driving modes! It is a product that combines the comfort of a standard sled with the experience of skiing. The brake is activated by leaning back.

- BEGINNER: Suitable for young riders. The seat turns into another useful ski for better stabilisation and a more comfortable ride.

- INTERMEDIATE: Would you dare to go faster? This level offers more room for fun tricks and sharper carving.

- CONFIRMED: For the real heroes on the slopes. Get uncompromising control for true freestyle.

baby sled is the babydriver.

Baby-friendly sleds for fearless fun

We have a model adapted to babies (from 3 months to 3 years), designed by parents to adapt to the safety of the little ones, the safety belt with three anchor points to secure the child safely.

The angle of the backrest is calculated so that the sled does not turn over, even on slopes or courses with bumps.

During your skiing holiday, you can easily take your baby with you, find a kindergarten or slopes for safe fun.


Shovel sled, round sled or spinning sled: guaranteed thrills

If you want a thrill, then go for these models! You start out facing the slope, but you don't know how you're going to get to the bottom. The originality of this snow shovel is that you turn on yourself, the sliding sensations are multiplied tenfold!

Our Supernova model is the only snow disc with a brake. Simple turning by tilting to the side and braking by leaning back. Handles integrated into the disc. Solid construction with anti-slip surface treatment. The round sled is also available in 70 cm for adults!

Which sled to buy for winter and snow?

As mentioned earlier, buying a sled really depends on your age and the type of use you will make of it. Depending on the age, some models will be safer, as they are more suitable for a younger audience.

All our sleds meet the strict standards that guarantee the safety of their users!

Accidents happen so quickly... we do everything we can to prevent them! We do not use any dangerous materials in their creation:

The products are manufactured in accordance with current EU regulations: EN 71 Safety of Toys, and the Council Directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys and Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (REACH). Certification by the Institute for Testing and Certification, Inc.

Tips from the Netsportique team:

Whether you choose baby sleds, children's sleds, 2-seater sleds with metal brakes... You must be able to slide in areas designed for this purpose. In the mountain resorts, many have chosen to make at least one dedicated track, to be safe.

The snow is here! Do you want to go sledding? Then don't hesitate! Browse our sport sled page to find the right sled for you! 1 or 2 seats, multicoloured... For Christmas, you have found the ideal gift for your children!