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Tennis Posts

Are your tennis courts starting to get too old and out of use? Are you no longer able to use your tennis posts to their full capacity? Netsportique is there to give you the solution: the best sports equipment at the best prices on the market. Come and discover our online shop and enjoy choosing the best tennis equipment to practice your favourite sport in optimal conditions!

Our team of specialists selects the best products to perfectly match your tennis courts and thus move ever further along the path to progress and success!

Tennis specialists at your service!

The strategy of the English Tennis Federation to increase its number of licensees is an objective that is familiar to Netsportique. It is obvious that in order to attract new regular players, our tennis clubs need to be able to benefit from impeccable courts in order to practise this sporting activity in good conditions. We therefore want you to be able to pass on your knowledge through quality training, so we offer you a wide choice of tennis posts.

The posts hold your tennis net, so they must be sturdy, solid and very resistant for a better durability. With our specialist team we are committed to designing the best sports equipment for you, as we are aware of the importance of having a good sports facility.

It doesn't matter whether you have a large sports centre or just a gym, we will provide you with high quality sports equipment at reasonable prices. Add to this a customer service department that is there to listen to you daily to provide you with a real buying guide and give you the best possible advice.

Do you need to fix your posts for your tennis court?

If your club is the sole user of the tennis court then the best option is to anchor the tennis posts to benefit from a very strong full metal structure, you will gain in durability! No matter what the surface of the ground, clay or grass, you will be able to fix your tennis net posts to the ground.

On the other hand, if your court, gymnasium or sports centre is multi-sports, then it is necessary to have transportable tennis posts. You will be able toinstall and dismantle your structure at the beginning and end of each training session or match.

We have very strong galvanised steel posts for indoor use and we also have other aluminium posts. Aluminium posts have the advantage of being rustproof, so they are preferable for outdoor use as they will not rust! The shape of our posts also varies, choose square or round posts depending on the holes already existing in your gym or on your pitch.

A multitude of tennis post choices for all levels

Whatever the intensity of your practice or the level at which you are playing, we do everything possible to provide you with the best tennis equipment. This is reflected in the wide range of tennis net posts that we present to you. It is obvious that you will need to adapt your equipment according to your level, as your performance and your subsequent progression will depend on this choice.

For this reason, you will find our wide selection of tennis posts among:

You will notice thatall our posts are supplied with sleeves or on plates. Anchored or transportable, in different colours, square or round, there issomething for every taste and according to every need, so don't hesitate to contact the Netsportique teams at this address: if you would like a personalised quote.

We also provide an optimal delivery service so that you can be delivered as quickly as possible and thus quickly enjoy your tennis equipment.

Selected accessories to complete your tennis courts

To complete your Tennis equipment and really have a very complete set of equipment, to leave nothing to chance, we also offer a multitude of Tennis accessories. Don't leave anything to chance and opt for our complementary accessories to play in leisure or competition.

The simple tennis post will support your net in the middle so that it will resist the most powerful strikes or serves

If you are a sportsman at heart and a fan of various sports, opt for our multisport posts which are adaptable, adjustable in height for Badminton, Tennis or Volleyball practices. It is also, and above all, a product that will delight community gyms and schools that welcome a diverse and varied public throughout the year.

If you are a sports club, you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of your tennis equipment. Netsportique isconcerned about the needs of Tennis players, that's why we move heaven and earth to provide you with quality equipment at unbeatable prices! Don't wait any longer, visit our online shop and make your choice from a wide selection of top-quality products to move ever closer to victory!