Football Goals

Would you like to equip your club's football pitches or create a real match atmosphere in your garden? Are you a football team and would like to provide your players with suitable sports equipment? At Netsportique, we offer different models of football goals, which can be adapted to all your needs. Whether it is for a professional football goal or simply for having fun in your garden, we have the right goals for you.

11-a-side Goals

7-a-side Goals

5-a-side Goals

Mini Football Goals

How to choose your football goal?

Need a professional or garden football goal? There is something for everyone! Whether you are a professional club, or if you want to offer a football goal to your child, we have a wide selection at your disposal.

Football goals to suit all your needs

You should ask yourself several questions before choosing your football goal:

  • Is the goal for a club or private individual?
  • For which category or age?
  • What size football goal do you want?
  • For what type of use: occasional, intensive?
  • Which material?
  • Indoor and/or outdoor use?
  • Are the goals to be anchored or transportable?

What size should you choose for a football goal?

For a professional football goal

In professional sports, the 11 players of each team play on a pitch that must be between 90 and 120m long and 45 to 90m wide. A football goal must therefore be 2.44m high and 7.32m wide.

Football goal for children: which size to choose?

In contrast to the professional environment where adult players play, younger categories such as juniors play on smaller pitches. Smaller dimensions may require the use of a smaller football goal.

At Netsportique we offer a range of small football goals for 5 to 8 players, especially for children. So, you can find a playground in your garden that imitates real-life conditions.

Equip your club, hall, garden or school with football goals.

Are you an amateur, a professional, a coach or simply a real football fan? You deserve quality equipment that will give you the same emotions on the pitch as during your favourite matches.

Choosing the right goal size for a football club

If you are buying for a football club: which team will use it?

Here are the net sizes to choose according to the categories in which the players play:


  • Age 5 - 6 years (categories U6 - U7) to size: 3 x 1.5 m

          Favour mini football goals

  • Age 7 - 8 years (category U8 - U9) to size: 4 x 1.5 m

          These dimensions correspond to a mini football goal.

  • Age 9 - 10 years (category U10 - U11) to size: 6 x 2.1 m

          Favour a 5-a-side football goal.

  • Age 11 - 12 years (category U12 - U13) to size: 6 x 2.1 m

          Find our 7-a-side football goals.

  • Age 13 years and over (U14 to senior category) at size: 7.32 x 2.44 m

          Find the right 11-a-side football goal for you.

A wide range of football goals for all requirements.

From the professional football goal to the garden football goal, we adapt our goals to your requirements. Whether you are a professional club, or you want to buy a football goal for your child, we have a wide selection to meet your needs. Each football goal we offer has its own specificities and characteristics.

Equip your school and ensure the safety of your little footballers with solid and reinforced equipment for outdoor games.

Football goal for training or competition?

If you wish to use them for training, you can look at the small football goals. There you will find:

  • football goals in uPVC
  • foldable, pop-up goals
  • modular football goals, ...

All with a way to install them quickly and easily, to be able to store them and to store them in your club, without them taking up too much space.

For optimal training, whether you are testing yourself from the penalty spot or aiming at the crossbar, a large goal may be necessary.

Children's football goals for outdoor fun

This is the ideal product if you are looking for an idea for outdoor ball games for a birthday or event. The aim is really to have fun together, as this discipline is practiced for the pleasure of being together and competing as a team.

Do not hesitate any longer and carry your football equipment easily thanks to the carrier bag when you travel or go and play at your family's house! Are your children bored at their grandparents' house? Nothing better than an outdoor game like football to remedy this. Buy a mini football goal and a bag to store it in and take it anywhere you want.

Fotball acocessories are a real asset for your garden leisure activities. We offer you goal walls to learn how to aim at corners, whether they are red or in the colours of your favourite country. Carrying bags are also available, to store your goals, or to carry them when you want to take them with you (on holiday, to your friends, family...). If the metal anchors, which are for the most part included in our products, are not enough to keep the goal straight because the striker shoots too hard, you will find sandbags to ballast the goal so that it remains fixed.

Small, high quality goals to play football

You will be able to put yourself in the conditions of a real football match in your garden thanks to quality goals. In addition, your goals will give you the same sensations you experienced when playing football between adults, while benefiting from goals that are the right size for smaller children.

Our range of children's football goals is one of the essential accessories for playing football: how could you do without them during a match with big and small? With a net that will stand up to any challenge, you will soon become champions of the sport. This will make your neighbours jealous, and they will surely come to swell the ranks of the participants! Who knows, you could organise a football world cup in your neighbourhood? A very popular outdoor game that will allow you to discover your surroundings.

Football is the most popular outdoor game in the world, but above all, it is the perfect time for you to spend some special moments with your friends and family. You can also put yourself in the shoes of a goalkeeper, your favourite striker or footballer, as this mini goal does not guarantee you victory against a host of little sportsmen and women ready to score points! If you do not feel like playing a football match, then practice and have fun hitting shots, aiming at corners, or making goalposts.

Football goals in aluminium or steel: what to choose?

  • If you want to use them for competitions, professional and intensive training, matches or international encounters: we recommend sturdy goals made of aluminium or steel, ranging from 11-a-side football goals to futsal goals.
  • If you want them for outdoor use: aluminium is needed, to be weatherproof and not to rust.
  • If you opt for mini football goals, you have the choice: between uPVC/resistant plastic, steel, some in aluminium. It all depends on the model you want. You also have the choice between pop-up cages, which can be folded, which can be adjusted to 2 sizes, which can be installed quickly...

But what is the difference between the two materials? Steel is treated to be resistant, but inevitably the material will be less resistant than aluminium to the weather.

Aiming to be anchored in the ground or transportable?

More robust does not mean less mobile: in fact, you will be able to acquire a fully transportable, foldable material that you can move from one field to another during your team's training sessions.

If you know that the goals will not move off the pitch, you might as well opt for goals that anchor themselves into the ground, and not have any problems with regulations. You will then be sure of its solidity to keep your players and goalkeeper safe on the pitch.

Netsportique recommendations:

Do not go for the cheaper option, but for the real use you will have for the goals. Depending on how you play football, all the difference will be felt!

We hope that this article has helped you to choose a goal perfectly adapted to YOUR needs. For the purchase of a first goal, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it in person, and find THE PERFECT GOAL!

So, don't hesitate and take advantage of our wide choice: with Netsportique, you are sure to get quality sports equipment that is weatherproof and effortless. Because your club's progress also depends on the good performance of its equipment, our football goals will meet all your expectations.

Find the best quality/price ratio for your purchase of a cheap football goal on our online shop. You will never be more satisfied after scoring a goal!

Are you a club, a local authority or an association? Benefit from a 10% discount on your orders. Do not hesitate to contact us by email at: or by phone at +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60. The most important thing is that the Netsortique team is at your disposal to answer your questions, we will be able to guide you to find the ideal goal for your needs.