7-a-side Goals

Are you looking for 7-a-side football training goals? The garden or the football stadium are the favourite places for footballers. Places where the fun never ends when it comes to kicking the ball around. But you still need the right sports equipment to control the ball and train as well as possible. That's why Netsportique guarantees the manufacturing quality of its 7-a-side football goals.

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7-a-side football goal: the choice of equipment for the best performance

The young players of a sports association are the future of the club. A club that does not rely on these young players will find it extremely difficult to be sustainable over time, unless it makes a significant financial profit. Therefore, young players are essential for the good functioning of a club, whether at amateur or professional level. This is even more true at the top level. The great professional footballers have almost all passed through a training centre when they were young and are now the joy of their respective clubs. At Netsportique we are aware of this, which is why we want to offer you high quality 7-a-side football goals, so that you can develop your young players in the best conditions.

But what equipment should you choose to optimise the performance of your players in training and matches? For almost daily use of your 7-a-side football goals that remain on the pitch and are therefore fixed to the ground, you should choose a material that offers solidity, support and stability. Steel will offer you all these advantages, steel will give you optimal durability, you will be able to use your goals for many years, as the material is very strong.

On the other hand, if you have to train in different places, if you have to move your goals to accommodate the organisation and logistics of the fields according to the practice hours of the different teams, then you will need more lightness to be able to transport your goals as you want, easily. That's the power of aluminium, it's a lighter material than steel that you can easily transport. Aluminium, which is stainless, is also more resistant to weather conditions, it doesn't rust!

Therefore, we offer you a wide selection of 7-a-side football goals, with different materials so that you can find the football goal that best suits your organisation, the intensity of your practice and your objectives.

6 x 2 football goal for youngsters: portable or anchored?

There are also different options available in terms of models. Indeed, we have a multitude of football goals for your youth pitches, with several possible options in terms of the use you will make of them. We have transportable or anchored goals, and even folding goals, each goal has its own specificity. Find out which one is best suited to your facilities and sports fields.

If you are not the only user of the field where you play football, as in the case of a multi-sports field, then it is better to have transportable goals that you can install and dismantle at will in a very simple way to make room for other teams or communities that come later. The transportable goals we provide are very light, and very easy to set up and take down, so don't worry even with a young crowd if it's a school for example, you will only need a little elbow grease to move your goal easily. But the essential product to prepare for all eventualities is of course our folding goal. Not only does it save you having to move the goal from one side to the other, but it also frees up space for other users on the field. It's the best compromise, and it's available all year round at an unbeatable price.

However, if you are the only user of your pitch, you can easily choose an anchor football goal that you can leave on your pitch all year round. Sturdiness, solidity and reliability will be the key words with our range of ground anchored goals.

You will have understood that all options are possible so that you only must worry about your training sessions. Our teams of football specialists will do their utmost to make sure that your only concern is the green rectangle. Take advantage of the best football goals to lead your players to victory!

Netsportique, the specialist in quality 7-a-side football goals

Netsportique has been offering its services in the sports equipment market for more than 10 years. We work with experts from the world of football who provide us with their experience so that we can design the best products on the market. Our equipment is systematically tested and approved by professionals to be always closer to the real needs of the players. We are committed to the quality of our products; we want to offer you the best football equipment so that you can become a club to be reckoned with and reach the top.

We supply not only sports clubs, but also schools and various associations. It is therefore our duty to be extremely demanding when it comes to player safety. All the 7-a-side football goals that we supply comply with the European standards for sports equipment. If you want to have a totally safe and high-quality football equipment at the best prices on the market, Netsportique is the place to go. Among all the goals we offer you, find the ones in our online shop:

For an ultra-complete equipment, we also provide you with a variety of accessories such as transport wheels to facilitate the transport of your goal. We also provide accessories to hold and stabilise your goal in place, such as counterweight, or football goal anchors. And finally, to leave space and room, we also offer lifting systems that allow you to lift the net and use as little space as possible when you are not playing. This also makes it easier to maintain the turf. No more unnecessary clutter with Netsportique and its wide range of accessories for 7-a-side football goals.

5 x 2 or 6 x 2 goals - which size to choose?

Football, like all institutionalised and democratised sports, is governed by rules that must be respected. Football goals must be the right size if you want to use them in official competitions, matches or tournaments. The appropriate size for official matches is 6m x 2m, this size complies perfectly with the regulations of the federal authorities.

You also have the possibility to choose a smaller size: 5m x 2m! These children's football goals allow you to work in small spaces of various sizes and reduce the size of the pitch to focus on specific aspects of the game or tactics, for example.

So, there is something for everyone at Netsportique, find all the equipment you need depending on what you want to work on with your players. Our 7-a-side football goals will perfectly dress up your sports facilities and you will be able to improve your players in the best possible way.

Low prices and first-class services.

We design a wide range of high-quality products at unbeatable prices. We understand the importance of a budget for the development of a club and its financial health. A professional club will have to pay attention to its expenses in order to pass its annual audits and demonstrate that the club is well managed from a financial point of view. That's why we want you to spend as little money as possible on your football team. We want to offer you the best quality at affordable prices. Make a long-term investment, thanks to the durability of our 7-a-side football goals.

Our customer service will answer all your questions daily, so you know exactly what you need. They will be able to provide you with a complete buying guide and a personalised quote. Remember that if you are a sports club you can get an immediate 10% discount on your order, so contact us without further delay at

Do your coaches and trainers want to improve your players in the best possible way? Don't hesitate any longer and come to the football specialist Netsportique, opt for our mobile football 7-a-side goals, to seal or folding. The organisation of your pitches will no longer be a problem and you will be able to offer training sessions of the highest quality thanks to exceptional products.

Our delivery service will bring you all your football equipment as quickly as possible so that you can get on the road to victory without further delay.

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