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Would you like to access your favourite sport without any constraints preventing you from having a good time? Your dream is to be able to play tennis anywhere and anytime? Today your dream can come true with the Netsportique Tennis kits that you can take everywhere with you. Easily assembled and disassembled, you will be able to carry these Tennis Kits wherever you go.

No more questions, optimise your range of tennis equipment by opting for our complete tennis kits to practice in the best conditions, wherever you go! Try it and adopt it, all your friends and family will love it!

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Cheap mini tennis net: multisport equipment!

Aware of the ever-growing success of Tennis and racket sports in general, the Lawn Tennis Association intends to attract more and more licensees to increase the global reach of Tennis. The sport of skill and endurance par excellence has undergone upheavals in its practice throughout history and the institutionalisation of the practice has led practitioners to play tennis everywhere. The Netsportique teams are concerned about the needs of the players, it is for this reason that we have created a product that can be adapted to the use of each player and the intensity of practice which can vary from one player to another. Our complete Tennis Kits are a response to an ever-increasing demand for emancipation. From now on, we want to play tennis everywhere, easily, without having to assemble our equipment for hours before being able to play.

We have done this with our wide range of complete Tennis kits at the best prices on the market! All the kits are multi-sport as they allow you to play both Tennis and Football-Tennis at the same time. This discipline has been spreading enormously lately, so these kits may also be of interest to the Football Association. Dexterity and technique will be the key words to have fun outdoors or indoors.

Tennis Net: the complete kit

We have several different models at your disposal that will suit your needs depending on the use you will make of them. Whether you are a professional club, an amateur club or a leisure club, you will find something for everyone!

  • The Leisure Tennis kit: it is a lighter product than the other two, so you will gain in ease of transport, speed of assembly and disassembly, in only 3 minutes! It's the perfect product to take your kit anywhere to play tennis. The length of 3m allows it to be placed in the smallest places, it's optimal. This product is perfect for young and old!
  • The 6m tennis kit will give you more room to manoeuvre. You can play with several people, or with 2 people and install this kit very easily. Just like the first one, the assembly in only 3 minutes is very appreciable! Its varnished steel tubes will make it both design and performance! A little more robust it will be perfect for football-tennis in the sand or Beach Tennis!
  • The Tennis net - aluminium kit is available in 4m x 0.9m or 6 x 1.10m. It is the professional tennis kit par excellence! Its stainless aluminium structure makes it perfectly resistant to weather conditions as it will not rust. It is a major asset for outdoor practice. Available in two different sizes, the adjustable height of the net allows to practice Tennis with 0.90m and football-tennis with 1.10m. It is a perfect product for clubs, Federations or schools.

All the kits are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Our products are systematically tested and approved by professionals and meet the European standards for sports practice. Don't worry about safety, Netsportique will take care of it for you!

A product perfectly adapted to the dimensions of tennis courts

Our complete Tennis Kits are available in several different sizes and above all the net is height adjustable. The posts are solid and very durable over time. Quality is the priority of Netsportique's specialist teams. We want to be constantly close to the needs of the players to provide you with high quality sports equipment so that you can practice in optimal conditions. Our mini tennis nets will adapt to any season and any surface, that's the advantage of transportable tennis kits! Adaptation is the key word!

Our aim is also to provide you with privileged access to all our sports equipment at unbeatable prices, because keeping to the budget imposed by club managers is essential! Our inexpensive tennis nets are made for you, the quality/price ratio is a must for tennis lovers! Murray or Nadal, impress everyone in your surroundings or in the sand this summer with the complete Netsportique tennis kits!

Have fun with friends or progress in a club!

Don't get us wrong, just because these tennis nets have been designed for recreational tennis does not mean that clubs can't benefit from them. It is truly a hybrid product that will satisfy your family and friends or your grandchildren as well as for use in a high-performance sports club. In fact, there are a lot of clubs that regularly attest to the quality of these kits because they allow you to work on various aspects of the game. Working in small spaces increases the technical quality of the players.

Let's not set leisure and competition against each other, everyone will find something to their liking. We think about the realisation of our products so that each person can practise their favourite sport in the conditions that suit their desires and the intensity of their practice.

Our customer service will be able to provide you with a detailed purchasing guide and help you with all your requirements if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact our team here: for any requests for quotes or information. We also guarantee an optimum delivery service so that you can make the most of it as quickly as possible. Life is more fun with Netsportique!

Don't panic, don't worry about the sports equipment you're going to take on holiday. With our complete Tennis kits, transport, bring, install and dismantle your Tennis equipment in the simplest of ways. When playing becomes child's play, treat yourself and your friends and family in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Clubs: take advantage of our 10% discount for sports clubs and improve your players with an incredible variety of exercises. Our products are designed for and by you: certified, tested and approved by our panel of professional players. Don't wait any longer, visit our online site to find what you're looking for!

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