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Are you looking for high quality footballs for your pro games (used by professional players during their matches) or amateur training balls (used for daily training in the garden or on club pitches)? Treat yourself to quality football equipment. The Powershot brand accompanies you on your way to performance: all sizes of footballs available. Aim for excellence with top quality footballs at the best price: 10% off for clubs!

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How to choose a football?

What type of football should I get?

The types of footballs vary even according to the playing surface:

  • Futsal balls (indoor football): are designed for low bounce, to ensure maximum control in small areas on hard surfaces.
  • Footballs are extremely resistant to the blows they take on asphalt or sand.
  • while the mini football is perfect for honing your skills (and can be used on any surface).

Wherever and however you use it - in the street, in the garden, on the pitch or against a wall - our Powershot footballs are tough and durable enough to withstand all the knocks and bumps of training.

Buying for a team or club?

We have a complete selection of footballs, so you can buy in bulk (ask our team for a quote or order directly). You are a sports club, a community or a sports association? Take advantage of a 10% discount on your equipment! More information at

What size football do you need?

Our wide range of high-quality footballs are used by many European clubs.

The official footballs come in different sizes:

Use Age Recommended size
match 14 years and older Size 5 (T5)
training 14 years and older

Size 5

matches and training  between 9- and 14-years old

Size 4 (T4)

matches and training from 6 to 9 years old Size 3 (T3)

Football ball size 3: for children under 7 years old

Ball suitable for small children and players. Small diameter to be preferred for round balls. Often, we can also find rubber footballs for children. It is a less rigid material, which offers more malleability and is easier to shoot for young footballers. Beware, however, that this type of hand-cushioned ball can have a rough trajectory, a bit like a beach ball.

Size 4 balls: for 8 to 12-year olds

Size 4 is smaller than a size 5, so suitable for primary schools, colleges, clubs (youth category) to put it simply, it is designed for children aged 7 to 13. It is the ideal size 4 ball for players who are learning to play football or who have a more advanced level. These balls can be hand-cushioned on several sides which makes the balls strong and durable. Also note that the larger the ball the bigger the valve will be, but air pumps are universal!

Footballs size 5: 13 years and older (up to senior)

For size 5, this is for middle schools, high schools, clubs: i.e. teenagers from 14 years and up to seniors. This is the standard size that all footballers use. Official footballs can be coloured, so we offer a wide range of balls in different colours. In contrast to the old days when black and white footballs were preferred. The sports equipment manufacturers have gradually replaced the monochrome balls with designed footballs, which perfectly match the colours of the clubs or competitions.

What kind of football pressure?

This is one of the few footballs we have received that was not inflated out of the box. The quality of the inflation of the ball depends on the long-term viability of the ball bladder. When properly inflated with the right needle, air can be retained for weeks or even months. Compared to latex bladders, which need to be inflated on average once a week. Ideally, you should carry a pressure gauge to accurately measure the pressure of the hand-inflated ball. A good pressure ensures the durability of these indispensable sports articles. The valve on all footballs ensures that the air can enter the ball, but it also acts as an impenetrable barrier to the air leaving the ball. This means that your football will always be well inflated.

What is the ideal weight of a football?

The weight of the ball and the feel should be adapted to your specific needs, making it ideal for training sessions and home games. This allows players to work on certain ball movement techniques, as well as placement exercises, with ease. These measurements are validated by the FA.

What is the best football?

These footballs are as good as the ones used in the Premier League or the World Cup. Right down to the specific design details or hand stitching. If you are looking for a durable and reliable ball that can help players replicate the feeling of playing at home, choose our Powershot range: aim for performance.

Each ball meets FIFA standards for weight, circumference, rebound and water absorption. It's the closest thing to a match ball experience in the entry-level categories for a football. It has a specially designed inner shell to retain its shape and a bladder designed to hold air more effectively, help keep you fit for longer and improve your performance, so you can have a great game, whether it's recreational or indoor football for your footballers or goalies.

It will help your young players to develop the right foot placement for a perfect curve while allowing proper dribbling, shooting, crossing and passing drills.

Regarding the model, you can choose between training quality or competition quality if you know that the ball will be well used, and somewhat abused with big hits.

If you are looking for a youth football (whether for training or for your child's school football team), we have what you need.

How do I inflate a football?

Like any ball you order anywhere (online or offline), it can be flat or just partially inflated. So you will need:

In general, it keeps its inflation and shape well, has a strong seam, works well and is also perfect for official matches. Fans will enjoy watching the ball float through the air and into the goal, making the goal nets quiver! The sports equipment we provide always meets all European safety standards for sports equipment. It is therefore a pleasure for us to be able to supply clubs as well as schools and individuals.

We do not only supply footballs, but also sports balls for all team sports such as rugby balls and basketballs! We want everyone to be able to play their favourite sport in the best possible conditions. We put quality and innovation at the centre of our thinking.

A cheap football?

If you are looking for a good ball for various uses (match, training or just for fun) at a competitive price, we have what you need! Our footballs are available in kits with goals, but also footballs available in sets for maximum value for money.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to get on the pitch and play football. It is footballs that can help turn dreams into reality. That's why we've found a compromise between reasonable cost and premium quality to offer you the best in sports equipment. Our team of sports enthusiasts has worked hard to find the best materials for you.

Where to store your club or child's football?

Your future striker or goalkeeper needs a ball, but where to store it so it doesn't get in the way? It is important to train well, with the right sports equipment. After exercising with a ball or technical circuit, you need to be able to store them. We have thought of creating for the football club:

Netsportique, specialist in football training equipment

Netsportique offers a complete range of footballs and football accessories to maximise your football training and performance on the pitch or in the garden. From football goals, to football nets, to free kick dummies... find the most suitable football training equipment on the market. With all this, there's no excuse to win the golden ball! Whether you call it a soccer ball, a football or a futsal ball, everyone will be able to have fun with our large selection of balls at the best prices on the market. The price-quality ratio is always a criterion that we put forward, who knows... maybe in a few years we will have hybrid footballs!

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