Are you looking for quality badminton equipment? Discover our professional facilities for international competitions, or in leisure mode to have fun in the garden with your family or friends. Explore our section dedicated to this racket sport and other sports and start playing!

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Badminton net: 100% durable for indoor or outdoor use

Professional badminton net and posts, regulation and certified according to the standards of Badminton England. Our equipment such as badminton nets and posts are of high quality and allow a perfect practice of this sport. Like other Netsportique products, badminton equipment is a quality product for better safety and durability of the equipment.

Our badminton net can be used for training as well as for competitions. This is also the case for other badminton accessories. For example, professional clubs use our badminton posts and badminton nets. Universities, amateur clubs and private individuals also rely on our range of nets. Sports equipment for communities allows learning technical aspects such as forehand, smash or backhand. Who knows, your players might go to the Olympics?

We also have a model of posts allowing practice on a double pitch.

Badminton equipment for your sports complex

In this category you will find badminton court accessories, such as benches, referee chairs, and other badminton equipment. Your badminton court should have posts of a rigid material, of very good quality to resist if possible. If you are looking for a badminton racket shop, visit a specialised badminton racket sales site, as we unfortunately do not yet make these products.

Nothing better than benches to add to your badminton court, this will allow players waiting for their match to wait while watching their teammate, or during a break during a match.

A badminton court everywhere with you: The Kits

These badminton sets are rather dedicated to children's sport, or beginners, to be able to play badminton everywhere! We have 2 products to offer you: a portable badminton set, and a badminton set with everything included (including the flying rackets)! This badminton kit is very practical, as everything is included: the posts, the net, the racket and the badminton shuttlecock.

A kit to take everywhere, it's the dream of all racquet and shuttlecock enthusiasts! This badminton set includes the posts and the net, which are foldable and are included in a bag so that it can be easily transported and takes up very little space, ideal for putting it in the boot of a car. Once set up, you can play against your friends, family, 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 or double-mixed, anything goes.

Wondering where to buy a badminton racket at the best price? Look no further: our low-priced rackets will accompany you in your matches or training sessions.

Badminton equipment at the best price

You are a badminton club and you need to equip your badminton court, without having to leave all your cash on it? Netsportique can help you by saving you 10% if you order on behalf of your club.

Little tip, if you really want to have your badminton products cheap, get your sponsors involved! Our umpire chairs or benches can receive advertising material, this means that your sponsors can buy all or part of the badminton accessory in exchange for appearing on the badminton umpire chair. This is an advantageous commercial exchange for the badminton club, to save you money.

Netsportique is the badminton shop made for you. Between beginners and experienced players, you will find equipment adapted to your needs. Racket sports, especially badminton, is one of the first sports that Netsportique developed. We hope to improve the badminton courts with quality badminton equipment! Need a quote? Send us your requests by email, we will answer them quickly.

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