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Do you want to help your players or your children to progress in the best possible way with top quality badminton equipment? At Netsportique we are here to meet all your needs! We provide you with the best badminton equipment on the market. Thanks to our badminton posts you will progress at an infernal pace!

So, don't wait any longer and offer yourself top quality badminton equipment at unbeatable prices!

Are you looking for transportable or fixed badminton posts?

The different models we select for you are of higher quality than what you can find on the market! Among all the badminton posts that we offer you, you will find something for all tastes, no matter how often you play and what your goals are! Whether you play badminton as a hobby, in competition or in professional championships, our badminton posts are simply made for you!

If you have to share the use of the gym where you play badminton, then it is better to opt for portable posts in order to free up space for other communities or sports associations that will come after you to use the sports hall. These posts are adjustable in height and above all are extremely light, so they are very easy to move. This is very practical, especially for schools where young children must carry the posts to put them away.

However, if you own your own gym full time, then we recommend that you order fixed posts which are extremely durable thanks to their solidity and robustness. These socketed competition badminton posts are simply the best on the market, with a resistance unknown until now.

So dress up your multi-sport hall with high quality badminton posts, it's the best way to improve your players or to teach your young students the basics of racquet sports. The sport of the shuttlecock will no longer hold any secrets for your players, they will be able to have fun with top quality equipment all year round!

How to maintain your badminton posts all year round

It is necessary to practice a sport to be in good health and physical shape! That's why we always want to give you the opportunity to equip yourself with the most important equipment in the world of badminton. Whether it is a centre post or an outdoor post, badminton can also be a team sport, which is why we also want to convey the values of cooperation and mutual aid through the design of our products! For you to enjoy your favourite badminton equipment for many seasons, it is very important to maintain and care for your equipment.

Our products are very easy to maintain. We don't want the maintenance of your badminton posts to take up too much of your time so that you can fully concentrate on the essential: the court and performance! A simple wipe with a damp cloth from time to time is all that is needed to keep your badminton post looking good. Our range of badminton posts has many advantages over most of our competitors. You won't be disappointed with the quality and our products are durable over time, a small revolution in the world of sport and leisure.

Our products are very easy to install, it's child's play! Despite the steel used in the design of our badminton posts, they are uniquely light, so it's a rare simplicity to be able to play your favourite sport in optimal conditions!

100% solid outdoor and indoor badminton posts

Badminton England tends today to democratize and institutionalize its practice, that we will be more and more led to practice badminton at school or in club. This is naturally part of the strategies of all sports federations to increase the number of members. For this reason, we provide a range of products that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor badminton.

No matter what surface you play on, if you have holes in the ground, you can play badminton perfectly! All our products are made of steel or aluminium, so there is no risk of your posts rusting in the rain, as they are all rustproof. Between solidity, durability and ease of transport, there is no reason to hesitate, it's at Netsportique where it’s at. We offer you the best sports equipment for badminton players.

As we provide our equipment to both schools and sports clubs, we have a duty to be impeccable about the safety of our equipment. When our team of team and individual sports experts think about designing our products, the two most important elements are quality and safety. All our badminton posts comply with European standards for sports and leisure activities. So don't worry about the safety of your players or students, they will be able to progress in the best conditions. All you must do is offer them training sessions that are as good as the materials you will be offering them and fly away to victory.

Why buy professional badminton posts?

Our philosophy is the quality of our products. It is simply unthinkable for us that you can have mediocre equipment. From the factory to the transport service, we do our utmost to deliver as quickly as possible and provide you with the best possible service. That's why we have put at your disposal a customer service team that is there to answer all your questions daily. They are there to guide you and provide you with a complete buying guide, so don't wait any longer and contact them at +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60 to request your personalised quote.

Don't forget that if you are a sports club you can benefit from an immediate 10% discount on your order. At Netsportique we make it a point to provide you with only the best. That's why our badminton posts are of professional quality! They are tested and approved by a panel of professional badminton players in order to benefit from the best possible feedback and so we can adapt our products to always be as close as possible to the real needs of the players.

Amongst all the products we offer, you will find these on our online shop:

Netsportique, the badminton specialist at your service!

For more than 10 years now, we have been present on the sports equipment market and the badminton net and posts market. Whether it's rackets, shuttlecocks, kits of all kinds or badminton posts, our expertise and know-how is unquestionable! All our products meet the regulatory requirements of the governing bodies! Badminton clubs will be well equipped, and you will be able to meet the objectives set by your management.

That is why we only want to provide you with badminton net equipment at unbeatable prices, because financial management should not take precedence over your performance. We offer you a wide range of post pairs at the best prices on the market, so you can go further on the road to success!

There is no doubt that we are committed to providing you with high quality badminton equipment at affordable prices! Treat yourself to the best quality equipment to feed your training in the best way and bring your players to the top. Everyone will have a great time and you will be on your way to victory!

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