Handball Training Equipment

Do you need training accesories to teach all aspects of the game of handball to your players? Netsportique specialises in team sports training. You will find equipment suitable for both young and old sportsmen and women.

Handball equipment essential for learning

To make your life easier, we are going to submit to you THE list of products that our team of specialists, considered essential, that you should have, in order to make an effective and fun training.

To begin with, you need sport cones to delimit work areas, to create all kinds of exercises, such as slaloms for example.

  • The training bibs, which are available in 1 colour, in 2 reversible colours, in XS / M / XL and numbered. Netsportique suggests that you invest in reversible training bibs to manage training easily and change teams very quickly.
  • As a handball coach, you must be heard and respected, a whistle seems essential to start the exercises, and signal the end, but especially to referee matches. With today's conditions, you will find hygienic whistles that you don't need to put in your mouth: the hand whistle and the electronic whistle that you hold in your hand.
  • stopwatch to respect the timing of the exercises, and to be able to play matches.

Now, we suggest some products, not necessarily indispensable, but very useful to vary your training.

  • Tchoukball is a playful and multifunctional tool to do warm-up exercises: your players will start moving quietly, warm up their arms gently, and have fun at the same time. The game is very simple, you put a goal in each zone of the 6 meters and the goal is to shoot outside the zone on the tchoukball bounce net, and have the ball caught by a teammate beyond the 6 meters line.
  • To practice shooting over the defence, or to do attack-defence exercises, defensive dummies will be of great help. Whether they are inflatable, made of rigid or soft material, you have a wide choice! The team nevertheless advises you to use inflatable dummies, because if you shoot at them by mistake, they won't fall and will get up by themselves! Very handy in handball, and you don't have to lift them all the time.

Mini handball training, goalkeepers, up to senior citizens.

In this category you will really find the essentials for handball. If you wish to see the complete range of our training equipment, go to the specific category to find all the details. We have developed targeted products for children, with an increased safety system: non-slip, soft, flexible, foam, numbered, adapted to their small size. Parents are very sensitive to this kind of handball equipment.

For goalkeeper training, we also have some products to improve their reflexes and agilitySmash ball is an excellent exercise, which even field players can do. It is a cheap investment for all the benefits it brings. Mini rebound nets that are held with the hands can be very useful to work on the goalkeeper's random moves and improve efficiently.

Storage handball product

Most handball teams must share the grounds with other sports clubs, and storage is limited to a small room most of the time. To facilitate this storage and to optimise the space saving of your equipment, we have adapted products. The ball cage or cupboard can be used to store handballs, but not only that! The cupboard is very large, and the shelves are adjustable as you wish. So, you have enormous storage and endless organisation possibilities to put in as much equipment as possible. You can also put a padlock in it.

Handball equipment: Training kit

We know that good material is expensive, and we are not the cheapest, because our products are of good quality and durable over time. So, we have decided to create kits so that you can buy more product for less money. You will find different kits with mini handball goals (more for mini hand, or discovery) or more technical kits with training material for coordination and agility.

These kits are also designed to give to your children! They will fit perfectly in your garden, so that your children can train in leisure mode, and get better every day! The mini handball court kit is really the perfect example. You will find 2 mini handball goals, a bounce net, angles to make the field, and bibs to play with friends and create 2 different teams to compete against each other.

10% discount for handball clubs

Netsportique is keen to be able to provide to as many teams as possible, and to create a real relationship of trust. If you order on behalf of your handball club, we offer a 10% discount on your order. Please be aware that we know our products, we are specialists, and we can answer your technical questions. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Netsportique is the handball specialist online shop. Whether you are a handball club president, a coach, or a sportsman; you will find all the products you need for quality training.