Kit Mini Terrain Handball

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This Handball Mini Field Kit is perfect to set up a handball pitch so that children can play a game of handball! It includes everything needed to recreate a pitch and to split the teams and even a rebounder to practace shooting. It includes:

  • 2 1.4m x 1m pop up goals 
  • 1 rebounder trainer
  • 4 corner delimitators
  • 5 blue bibs for children
  • 5 yellow bibs for children

Product description


This Handball Mini Field Kit is perfect for anyone who seeks to teach children how to play handball or for anyone who is training children handball. It allows you to create a handball wherever you may be and it provides a rebounder trainer to improve shooting and accuracy skills. It provides bibs to allow the children to be easily differentiable when split into teams. It is perfect for any team or school that wants to teach or coach children about handball. 


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