Shock Absorber Nets

Stop nets – go the extra mile for your handball club

Stop nets – go the extra mile for your handball club

At Netsportique, we offer high quality stop nets to limit the power of impact on the mesh and reduce strain on the net edges. Available in white, green or black in 4mm mesh size.

Why invest in a stop net?

Stop nets are designed to cushion the ball and protect your main net behind. By having 2 layers of netting at the back of your goal, you guarantee your handball club the longevity and cost-effectiveness of your net. Available in 3 colours to coordinate with your club or handball association.

Indoor or outdoor?

Our shock absorber stop nets are designed for both! Targeted towards competition and high level games, our high resistant nets will support national and international level play.

If you’re looking for sandball or beach sandball purposes, you needn’t worry as all our nets are treated with anti-UV protection to survive sunny weather. Colours will not fade and the rigidity of the net will stay for years.