Shock Absorber Nets

Do you need specific handball equipment, such as our shock absorbing nets for your handball goals? Discover our complete range, at the best price guaranteed. Innovative and field-tested products, for robustness and superior quality. Reinforced mesh and different colours will delight your sports complexes. Ready for your goals? Put on your new shock absorbing nets!

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Why buy a shock absorbing net for handball goals?

At Netsportique we offer you high quality shock absorbing nets to protect your net and limit impacts as well as stains caused by usage.

Here are the characteristics of our shock absorbing hand nets:

  • They have a 4mm thick mesh.
  • Single mesh, knotless 100x100 mm (standard mesh)
  • They are available in white, green or black

Handball shock absorbing nets are designed to cushion the ball and protect the net. With the 2 layers of net at the back of the goal, you guarantee your handball club a quality purchase and a long lifespan.

A range of protection for your handball net

Handball shock absorbing nets are not compulsory or regulatory. It is a choice of your club president, or the handball purchasing manager. As all players and coaches know, handball goal nets are subject to severe tests! They are designed to cushion the ball and protect the net. With the 2 layers of net at the back of the goal, you guarantee your handball club a quality purchase and a long service life. You can choose between 3 colours to match the colours of your handball club or association: white, green or black.

Discover 100% resistant handball training equipment.

Our shock absorbing nets are designed for indoor and outdoor use! Rather indoors for competition and high level, our nets are resistant and will withstand national and international level shots. During a handball training, there can be hundreds of shots! During the warm-up to start, technical exercises, goalkeeper specific, and during the matches! Knowing that a high-level goalkeeper is 30% off, this means that 70% can end up in the handball goal. But with the speed of the shots, the precision of the players, your net will quickly get damaged if it is not protected. A back shot, which is thrown, can reach 100 km/h! You must have nets worthy of their name in order not to cross them.

Rather outside in a schoolyard, a city stadium or for sandball or beach handball? No problem! You can safely buy the nets from us, which are treated against UV rays so that they do not get damaged in the sun. They will not lose their colours and will last for many years.

It is a choice of our team to have a 4mm mesh size, because it must have a protective action, therefore a thick mesh.

We have several models: black 4mm shock absorbing nets for handball or beach handball. Also available in green or white.

Are you still hesitating about the necessity to buy a double handball net: the net + the shock absorbing net? Don't do it anymore! They are essential for your training sessions. You need the best for your handball court, and to lead your team to victory.

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