Badminton Nets

Need to buy or renew your badminton nets? We have different qualities according to your needs, from standard quality nets for leisure or school use, to professional nets for competition. Netsportique is the specialist in sports equipment. You are sure to find what you are looking for!

Badminton courts: what are the rules?

To begin with, you should know that if you play singles or doubles, the court remains the same, and so does the net. If you play competitively, here are a few figures to keep in mind to be legal (official information from Badminton England (BE), also valid for the Badminton World Federation):

  • The length must be at least 6.02 metres.
  • Net height: 76 cm
  • How high is a net? (once installed) on the sides: 1.55 m
  • Height at the centre: 1.524 m
  • How to install a badminton net? The badminton net must be well stretched between the posts. To do this, it is best to have 2 or 3 players, hang one side and stretch the other end.

In school cycles in Britain, the practice of a racket sport is a must. Most schools have direct access to a gymnasium or multi-sports hall, which are already equipped thanks to subsidies. All the community must do is invest in rackets and badminton shuttlecocks.

For tactical learning, nothing beats practice! Single, doubles or mixed doubles, all modes are technical and have their advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to play well in order to get points to finish among the winners!

Badminton net: indoor or outdoor = 100% resistant

All our badminton nets have a mesh size of 19 x 19 mm, designed to prevent the shuttlecocks from passing through the nets. They are all treated against UV rays so that they are not damaged by the sun's rays. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Garden badminton net resistant to all weather conditions! For school playgrounds or a badminton club, you can buy it with your eyes closed. Rope is included, with a 0.75 mm cable to attach and fit to all posts.

How to choose your badminton equipment according to your practice

For an intense sporting practice, or during tournaments, we recommend the competition badminton net which will better resist the powerful serves of the players. The licensees who practice every week in a sports complex will be delighted to have good equipment. Especially since from time to time, the shuttlecocks get stuck in the net because of the feathers. If your badminton club is hosting British or international championships, you need to buy top-of-the-range equipment to make your badminton courts look top quality!

On the other hand, if the level is for school children who are beginners, it is better to buy a standard product for training: school badminton net.

If a unit is no longer available, please contact us, to advise you of an equivalent, or to let you know when the product will be back in stock.

Badminton with nets

A portable badminton set is a great investment, or an ideal gift to please the athletes in your life! You can play free play, 1-on-1 or double, double-mixed to vary the pleasures. During the holidays, on weekends when there are no schools... All the reasons will be good to play a game of badminton.

As parents, getting your children to do sports activities rather than watch TV is not always easy. But with our products below, you will find leisure equipment for young people. Racket sports allow you to let off steam and playing badminton is ideal because it is accessible to beginners and requires very few accessories: net, racket and shuttlecocks!

For a quick and removable installation, we recommend our portable badminton set, which is very well designed!

  • Comes in kit form, so it doesn't take up any space.
  • Badminton net height / dimension: 3 x 0,76 m
  • single mesh of 19 x 19mm.
  • adjustable in height: 130, 155 and 170cm.
  • carry bag to make it portable at any time
  • Quick and easy installation

5m badminton net ideal for playing with friends or family. After each use, we advise you to store it in its cover, so as not to damage the products.

If you want to play pool badminton, this model is not designed for that, but can be placed on the side of the pool, if it is only 3 meters wide. Then you can have fun in the water while playing badminton!

The garden badminton kit complete with badminton racket! This is a type of product available flying rackets: complete! All you must do is install it and you can start playing. No need to buy any accessories, everything is included, very practical for transport, and to take with you on holiday.

How to install a badminton net

If you are afraid of the kit products, because of the installation, don't be afraid anymore! With our products, you will never ask yourself again how to install a badminton net. To install the badminton set, nothing could be easier! Our team has created a well thought-out and intuitive product. Open the carrying bag, take out the kit and unfold it.

Nesting all the pieces together, starting with the feet, will allow you to put it in place quickly. Once the posts are fixed, place the net with the hooks provided. Height adjustable to suit your playing style.

Portable badminton is ready!

If you are a sports association, order on behalf of your club to get a 10% discount!

Netsportique's little tips:

We advise you to invest in ground markings to be able to delimit the badminton court. Because even in leisure mode, competition can get the upper hand and be fierce, to know who scores the point, determining where the shuttlecock falls is crucial: if the shuttlecocks fall out of bounds, then the point is for the opposing side.

Flat marking will allow you to create the service area, and the ends of the field. You will then be able to create tactics according to the competitors in front of you.

You can compete in your own garden, parents and children will be able to have fun and play sports on a beautiful sunny Sunday.

Take multicoloured badminton shuttlecocks, because when the shuttlecocks land in a tree, or in bushes, you will waste less time looking for them.

To renew your sports equipment, Netsportique offers several products to meet your needs. Rather for professional use? Use for outdoor badminton with an outdoor badminton net? Or even a badminton kit with a net for leisure activities in the garden? We have what you need. Keep an eye out for sales, for this and other sports!

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