Mini Football Goals

Looking for the perfect gift for your little footballers or for training equipment? Discover our complete range of football goals and our mini football goals for children. The mini goal will easily fit in your garden.

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Mini football goal for fun or training

Netsportique is the professional in buying and selling mini football goals for children. We have always provided our customers with quality products, guaranteeing the best quality/price ratio for mini football goals. Our goals ensure the safety of the players on the pitch, while being very practical and fun.

A wide selection of mini football goals and mini football goals for kids

Choose from our wide range of mini football goals. To meet everyone's needs, every age category will find something for everyone on our site. In this category, you will find products for beginners or older children in leisure and fun mode.

We also offer you a comparison of 4 types of mini football goals that differ in terms of maintenance and lifespan so that you can choose according to your tastes and preferences:

Small (or large!) uPVC football cage by POWERSHOT

This material is as strong as it is durable. It is the ideal choice for football training. Being able to remain outdoors in all circumstances, this first choice mini football goal net is interesting in terms of practicality and maintenance. It is easy to assemble and transport and is ideal for gardens. It is available in standard size: POWERSHOT pro goals (3x2 m). But the dimensions can range from 2.4 x 1.2 to 5 x 2 m (length and width). All accessories are supplied with net, structure, anchorage, net clips. To install this goal nothing could be easier, you just have to fit the tubes, thanks to the locking system, place the net with the hooks, if you want the goal not to move at all (which our team strongly advises you to do) is to put a ground fixing system such as the metal anchors included. We have improved the mesh of the net, to resist even better to bad weather! For each size, you will find the appropriate carrying bag. Ideal for storage.

QuickFire goal with counterweights

Opt for the perfect goal that folds up in 30 seconds! With a cage that is easy to assemble, disassemble and move. Expanding, it easily adapts to all environments and all uses. It is the perfect football goal for your parties with friends in the garden, on the beach or at the campsite. Its features make it an ideal football goal for all ages.

Galvanised steel football goal

Do you need aluminium mini football goals? This material is very resistant, and its small size makes it easy to move. It is the ideal football cage for small training sessions with or without goalkeeper. Look at our aluminium mini football goal (1.2x0.8 m).

Foldable goals: the POP-UP phenomenon

To finish off the beauty, we present the folding football goal! It is a goal set: that is to say, it comes as a kit to be installed, and then it can be folded up on itself. Original folding football goal, with a choice of colours, because of the number of goals on the internet a good number of goals are usually white, or black, we offer bright colours to brighten up your lawn! To play in the best conditions, it is best to bring a foam ball, or a small ball.

The advantage of having a folding goal is that you can easily store them in the garage, as they don't take up any space.

Do your aspiring footballers want to learn how to aim at angles? No problem, there are 6 sizes of football goal walls. In red, or in the colours of your favourite country: France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

Why opt for a mini football goal for children?

To brighten up your weekends and your holidays, get yourself a goal goal at Netsportique. The different sizes and materials we offer justify our concern to satisfy all our customers' requests and all budgets. All our goals are movable because they are light.

Made-to-measure football goals for children

Our mini goals are designed for official matches or training sessions. Our football goals and nets are perfect for children. Our range of children's goals has been specially designed to offer the highest possible level of quality for youth football accessories. Which size should I choose? If you hesitate between 2 sizes, go for the bigger size, so the goal will fit longer.

Opt for safety with a mini football goal made of steel or aluminium.

In regulation size or small goal size, we offer equally sturdy material. Made of steel or aluminium and of superior quality, for sports training for young and old.

All necessary safety measures have been taken to ensure that football matches and training sessions for your children and goalkeepers are free of injuries and stress. Our junior goals are the most stable on the market, offering unsurpassed longevity and safety. They meet European standards.

Our bestselling goal is the 3x2m steel football goal, it is very light, easy to assemble and you can hit the football goal post without damaging or breaking it. It is available in a smaller version, with black and white metal netting, and measures 2.15 x 1.5m.

Our aim? To make the quality of a professional mini goal accessible, making every footballer's dream come true. Take the football experience to the next level with our other ranges of 11, 5 and 8-a-side football goals and nets.

Mini football goals for all budgets

Netsportique offers a wide range of mini football goals made of the best materials, for all budgets. Make your little footballers happy: buy a mini football goal at the best price guaranteed. Give them the thrill of the first goal in your garden. Plus, if you order more than 75€ = free delivery!

Our safety requirements are more important from year to year, we achieve the feat of offering you movable goals, at a lower cost.

We don't manufacture inflatable football goals yet, but who knows one day! Keep an eye out, you might be in for a good surprise! The inflatable football goal is rather reserved for beach football, to play on the sand, or even an inflatable structure, waterproof to withstand the shock of the sand from the sea water.

Mini garden football pitch: kits for you!

Now youngsters don't just want a simple goal, but more varied equipment to have fun and reproduce the training at home. Following our exchanges with you, we have decided to create kits for individuals, and for football clubs!

This children's football kit is ideal for your home, to install in your garden. It contains:

  • 2 pop up football goals
  • 1 T.4 football
  • 1 pump to inflate the ball
  • Ground boundary markers to recreate football fields
  • 6 football caps in 2 colours

If you are not convinced by this kit, we have another product: the portable football set, more intended for technical training, with:

  • 1 football goal cage 1,5 x 0,9
  • 1 football rebound net
  • 5 slalom stakes for planting in the ground
  • 1 size 5 football

Keeping your kids busy: Outdoor play with football goals

Tired of your kids being in front of screens all the time, make it easy for them to play outside! To do this you need a goal, a football and ground markers to create the football pitch (or play area).

  • 1st game: GOAL: you will need a goalkeeper and a striker. The objective is very simple, in turn the objective is to score a goal. Also opt for the goalkeeper gloves if they shoot too hard.
  • 2nd game: SOCCER MATCH: with friends, family, cousins, as soon as there are a few more of you, you can have a match mixing children and adults.

The neighbours and all your children's friends will come to play football at your house. Because isn't the aim to have fun? Our range of mini goalposts is designed with fun and excitement in mind. Become the biggest supporters of your champions.

There are many models available online. We are not the cheapest, but our products are of excellent quality. Check the reviews and you will see that we are among the best sellers. Academies trust us, football leagues and big clubs. And we are very proud of that. Children's football is our speciality, every year we create football goals to always improve the assembly system, the quality. Go ahead, buy the football goals made for you.

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