Kit Mini Terrain Kids foot : le foot pour enfants partout !

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The Kit mini football pitch for children is perfect to recreate a pitch for young players. There are 10 bibs in total, 5 being yellow, 5 being blue. Also included are two 1.2m x 0.9m goals as well as delimitators to create the pitch. It is perfect if children want to practice their football skills and if they need experience of being on the pitch. It is a must have for every club and school!




This mini football pitch kit is perfect to create a football pitch anywhere you go! It is perfect to give children not only the experience they need on the field to improve their confidence, but also to have fun playing football! 

Included in the kit are:

  • 5x blue bibs
  • 5x yellow bibs
  • pitch delimitators to create the pitch
  • 2x 1.2m x 0.9m pop up goals
  • T.4 Powershot football 


4.3 (3 avis)
  • Matthieu Lambourg
    ven. 4 juin 2021
    (translated from French) Great kit for kids, it's all there! Bibs, ground markers, mini goal top
  • Fred Lecamu
    lun. 10 mai 2021
    (translated from French) Very interesting to propose kits like that, I could be tempted! I'm already satisfied with the Tennis products I've ordered from you.
  • Georges Pernault
    lun. 3 mai 2021
    (translated from French) Great kit for kids, so you can have real training equipment at home.
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