5-a-side Goals

Do you want to play five-a-side football with your friends or your family? Treat yourself to a 5-a-side football goal in your garden: transportable or to anchor, as you wish. Are you a club or a school and need to equip your sports fields in total safety? Discover our range of football goals. Netsportique: the football equipment specialist at your service for high quality products at reduced prices!

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5-a-side football goals: football goals 3x2m

Are you looking for a 5-a-side football goal? We supply sports clubs as well as individuals. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we do our utmost to provide you with high quality football equipment. The standard dimensions of the football goals are 3 x 2 metres or 4 x 2 metres.

Football is a sport that is becoming more and more institutionalised and democratised, it is the sport with the highest number of licences in the UK. Therefore, it is important that football clubs and schools equip themselves with football equipment that complies with European standards for the practice of the sport and therefore meets safety requirements. This is Netsportique's top priority: to provide you with high quality football goals so that you can play your favourite sport in complete safety and thus instil the values of football in children and pass on your knowledge. Whatever your needs, we have the solution at hand.

Our football goals will allow you to practice your training sessions or football matches in the best conditions. Make your players progress optimally with our high-quality football equipment at low prices. Your players will be delighted to be able to shoot with full force at the ball in a 100% durable goal. The crossbar and posts are extremely sturdy.

3 x 2 goal for outside – garden and outdoor use

Playing football outdoors is fun for all players, even goalkeepers who prefer to make saves on grass rather than on a hard surface. That's why we strive to offer you a wide range of 3 x 2 football goals that you can use outdoors, whether at your sports club, in the playground or even in your backyard. Your children will be able to progress in optimal conditions, through outdoor games or small playful exercises, they will progress with fun, joy and good humour.

We have a selection of transportable or anchored football goals to meet all your needs. Different materials are also available: steel is preferable for indoor use because it is always sturdy and robust! On the other hand, if you use your 3 x 2 football goal outdoors, you should choose stainless aluminium because it offers the advantage of preventing rust and general wear and tear due to weather conditions. Choose the goal that best suits your needs from our selection of products:

3 x 2 aluminium football goals 3 x 2: 100% solidity guaranteed!

Netsportique's teams of football experts are committed to providing you with only the highest quality products. The solidity of our materials is our priority so that you can use your football goals for as long as possible. The basis and the secrets of progression for all types of players is constancy! It is therefore necessary to benefit from quality football equipment in order to always move forward on the path of progression. Playing football will also become a real pleasure. You can transport your football goal very easily with our optional transport bags, but especially with our transportable wheels for 5-a-side football goals. They are also very easy to assemble and disassemble. You will be time efficient. We also supply fixings for the transportable 5-a-side football goal or counterweights so that it is securely anchored to the ground. Sturdiness and robustness will be the key words, and you will be able to take powerful shots at your goalkeeper in every football match!

The nets we supply with our goals are very strong thanks to the thickness of the mesh. In addition, our nets are also equipped with anti-UV technology, which makes them resistant to the sun's UV rays that can dull and crumble the net over time. There is no risk of this happening with our innovative, high quality football nets at the best prices on the market. The number of goals scored and the average number of goals you score in your league will increase considerably, so don't hesitate any longer and come and buy your football equipment from Netsportique!

5-a-side football goal for indoor play, and futsal goal

The practice of futsal is becoming more and more widespread throughout Britain. As part of the Football Association, this sport is becoming more and more institutionalised and the number of licensees will increase. To catch the train and not be left behind, which would penalise you in achieving the objectives set by your management, it is necessary to equip yourself with quality futsal equipment! Netsportique is there for you, offering you top quality futsal goals at unbeatable prices. Unlike the outdoor game, where the physical aspect can sometimes prevail at the highest level, in futsal it is the technical aspect of the game that makes the difference. Zidane's dribbles or Messi's ball control will no longer have any secrets for you thanks to our equipment.

How do you choose your futsal goal? It is important to choose the right model and equipment depending on the intensity of your practice and, above all, the logistics of the gym where you are. If you have your own gym, you can order an indoor football goal to seal in the ground, it will give you optimal resistance and solidity! On the other hand, if you must share your sports hall with other sports associations, then you will have to favour our transportable football cages. Find all our proposals in our online shop:

The football goals with dimensions 4 x 2 are for outdoor use only.

The best of 3 x 2 football goals at the best prices on the market!

At Netsportique we are aware of the crucial needs of clubs, the financial part is an integral part! It is not always easy to reach the goals set by the club president with a limited budget. That's why we want to offer you high quality products at low prices so that budget is no longer an issue for you. Indeed, make a long-term investment with Netsportique, because our products have an optimal lifespan, you will be able to make progress with our materials for as long as possible.

Our products are systematically tested and approved by professionals in the world of football in order to obtain the best performance and adjust our products. In this way, we can always be as close as possible to the real needs of the professionals and identify what is necessary for their football practices.

Our customer service is there every day to answer all your questions and provide you with a complete buying guide. Don't wait any longer to contact them: and ask for your personalised quote.

If you still had any doubts about the vital importance of owning quality football equipment to progress in good conditions, we hope that these doubts have been resolved. Netsportique is here to provide you with quality football equipment so you can get to the top quickly. Opt for our wide range of top-quality football goals at unbeatable prices.

Our delivery service will deliver to you as quickly as possible so you can get your football goal quickly.

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