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Are you looking for football equipment to equip your club or school? We guarantee professional quality at the best price. Our football goals are designed to be reliable and robust for optimal safety and durability.

Netsportique has been a leader in football equipment for over 10 years. Invest in for the long term with our selection of 11-a-side football goals just for you.

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11-a-side football goal: professional quality for your 11-a-side team

Do you need to equip your fields for your favourite sport? Do you want to offer the best football equipment to your players so that they can progress in optimal conditions? Netsportique offers you a wide selection of sturdy football goals, season after season. Thanks to our know-how of more than 10 years, we design indestructible crossbars and goalposts. They will withstand the most powerful shots from your strikers, so you can test your opponents' goalkeepers during your championship matches. Your goalkeepers will progress even faster with high quality equipment.

We regularly test our products with professional players who approve the quality of our products. We systematically want to be as close as possible to the real needs of the players, to put them in the best possible position. Whether you are a professional or amateur club, we offer you a wide range of football goals for you to have fun during training and matches.

Transportable 11-a-side football goal that complies with European safety standards.

We supply sports clubs, but not just them! If you are a school or even a private individual, you can also treat yourself to an 11-a-side football goal. It is very important to us that everyone can benefit from the best sports equipment, whatever the use and intensity of their practice. Everyone can progress and, above all, have fun at their own pace. Another aspect that is essential to us is safety. In order to meet safety requirements, all our products comply with European standards for fitness and sports. It is unthinkable that anyone could get injured with our products, so get these ideas out of your head, with Netsportique everyone can practice their favourite sport in the best conditions. There is no longer any risk of equipment-related injuries, we provide you with top quality accessories at unbeatable prices.

To be at the highest level, a club cannot afford to have its players injured. For this reason, we also offer various accessories to complete your football goalkeeping equipment. For example, you can also use an anchoring system for your transportable goals or aluminium counterweights for your 11-a-side football goals, so that the goal is securely fixed to the ground.

We also want you to enjoy your training sessions without having to worry about assembling and disassembling or transporting your goals. For this purpose, we accompany our products with transport wheels for 11-a-side football goals, so that transporting them is child's play. We also supply back posts in pairs, as well as a lifting system for football nets so that your net does not get in the way and can be stored properly. This way, you can keep your sports field and facilities in the best possible condition and keep the fields always clean. Don't forget that the image of your club in the eyes of opposing players and spectators is also at stake.

11-a-side mobile goal football: what to choose to get the best performance?

We have a wide range of 11-a-side football goals to choose from. We want you to have as many options as possible in order to cover all your needs. Our 11-a-side football goals are high performance. Different materials used, transportable or sealable, there is something for everyone! Contact our customer service team, who are available daily to answer your questions and provide you with a complete buying guide, so ask for your personalised quote without further delay on +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60.

Playing football has never been easier than with Netsportique. Our team of football experts designs high quality products, so that you can prevent your players from stagnating, which is a real obstacle to their sporting development. We are aware that, at the highest professional level, the goals are high, and it is essential to achieve them for the sustainability of the club. So, give yourself the means to achieve them by equipping yourself with high performance football goals to reach the top. Find in our online shop all the 11-a-side football goals we have in stock between:

11-a-side football goal: the best price on the market!

Invest for the long term with Netsportique! In fact, you will be able to use our products for many years because they are extremely durable. The solidity and robustness of our 11-a-side football goals make them extremely durable. The key to progress is to be able to benefit from quality training, but above all on a regular basis! We offer you this possibility thanks to the durability of our products. We don't want you to worry about your expenses, that's why we offer you a wide range of football goals at ridiculously low prices.

There is a real gap in terms of budgets between professional and semi-professional clubs. We love to give clubs that want to reach the national elite the opportunity to benefit from high quality football equipment at reduced prices. No need to count any more euros, with Netsportique your wallet won't be put to the test!

Removable or fixed goal: aluminium or steel?

Of course, the choice of the material used for your 11-a-side football goal is essential because it is the one that really guarantees quality. It all depends on what you want to use depending on the intensity of your practice, your storage conditions and your storage. For example, if you prefer it to be solid, robust and fit perfectly, then steel is for you. It is the 100% resistant material par excellence; its reputation is well established. On the other hand, if it's durability you're looking for, aluminium is for you. The aluminium we use to manufacture 11-a-side football goals is stainless aluminium that will not rust over time. In fact, it goes without saying that bad weather conditions should be considered when choosing the material. If you can store your goal when not in use, steel will do. But if you leave your goal outdoors for a good part of the season, then stainless aluminium is better.

Of course, our 11-a-side football goals are also available at the best prices for communities and individuals. The same reasoning applies to schools and individuals who want to decorate their garden with a beautiful 11-a-side football goal. The choice is all about finding the right balance, the right balance between choice of material, price and model. Your objectives and the intensity of your practice will guide your choices. Talk about it both with your environment and with your leaders. Don't forget that if you are a football club you will get an immediate 10% discount on your order, so don't hesitate and choose Netsportique to supply you with football equipment.

If you want to lead your players further and further down the road to progress and victory, we have what you need! We have a wide selection of football goals that will delight all your players, staff and managers. Opt for our football products, which are simply the best on the market, always at unbeatable prices, for your greatest enjoyment! Our delivery service will guarantee the fastest possible transport so that you can fully enjoy your goal.

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