11-a-side Competition Goal Nets

Are you looking for quality football nets for your 11-a-side football goals? Our durable nets with various types of mesh, various mesh thicknesses, a multitude of colours and various sizes are waiting for you. Then come and discover our nets!

We offer you the best nets, thanks to our experience in the sports equipment market for over 10 years. Don't wait any longer to discover our offers.

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Large selection of 11-a-side football goal nets: 7,32 m x 2,44 m

Who hasn't played an impromptu game of football as a child with football goals without nets? Having to chase the ball far behind the goals has always been a real frustration. And as any football fan will tell you, there is nothing more intense in sport than a football goal net vibrating the moment a goal is scored.

It is simply essential to have good nets for all your football goals and pitches. Regardless of the intensity of your practice, be it matches, training or occasional tournaments, our nets have the longest durability will bring you satisfaction over long periods of time. Our 11-a-side football nets can withstand the heaviest of shots.

For more than 10 years, and thanks to the contact of professional players who test our products, we have been able to develop real expertise in the field of football goal nets and, especially, 11-a-side football nets. The universal dimension of the 11-a-side football goal is 7.32 m x 2.44 m, which is valid for all 11-a-side football goals that comply with the European standards for sports equipment. So, there can be a difference in dimension in terms of goal depth. The box nets are deeper (2m x 2m at the back) and rectangular in shape, and there are trapezoidal nets (0.80m deep at the top x 2m at the bottom).

With Netsportique you will become an expert in football nets. But so far nothing particularly innovative, you say! The real difference is in the customisation of your nets. In fact, if you want your sports facilities to look great, you can choose the netting that matches your club's colours. We have a wide selection of 11-a-side football nets in a multitude of different colours. There is something for everyone. Don't forget that the layout of your pitches reflects the organisation of your club, your seriousness and your image. So, don't neglect this point by opting for the wide range we offer you.

Our range of nets is highly developed, as shown by our different proposals in terms of mesh size. We have the so-called classic mesh that we are most used to seeing, which is square in shape. And a so-called hexagonal honeycomb mesh which offers a different design. Our nets are also available in two different thicknesses: 3 mm, which is preferred for training, and 4 mm for official competitions. Know that the thickness of the netting is a real guarantee of quality, it is really what will make the difference in the long run in terms of strength, endurance and therefore durability!

Our nets are fully reinforced around the perimeter and have a knot-free braided mesh. Therefore, we guarantee you a higher quality than you can find on the market, and at the same time we offer you extremely competitive prices. The biggest innovation we offer is the resistance of our nets to the elements. We use an anti-UV technology that allows our 11-a-side football nets to be protected from the sun's UV rays and therefore last for a long time. The sun's UV rays are responsible for the deterioration and crumbling of nets over time. This will no longer happen thanks to the technology we use. So, choose wisely and opt for a very high-quality material that will delight all members of your football club.

Which football goal net to choose?

It is not always easy to choose the right net for your practice. It is always a question of finding the right balance between functionality, design and cost. At Netsportique, we always try to provide you with a quality answer to your questions. That's why our customer service is there every day to provide you with a complete buying guide.

European football nets are highly professional and guarantee unparalleled protection against discolouration, your nets will always remain the colour you bought them in. You can assemble them quickly and dismantle them just as quickly thanks to all the accessories we supply with our nets. They are also easily transportable. They are sturdy and designed to stop the most powerful balls.

We strongly advise you to opt for an 11-a-side box football net. It is the all-purpose net that everyone likes, a real value for money! It all depends on what you use your football pitches for, if you only use your goals for training then a 3mm thick net will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you play competitive football, opt for a hexagonal netting which will offer a better visual effect on your main pitch and a 4mm thick mesh. As for the dimensions, don't worry, they are always the same for 11-a-side football nets: 7.32m x 2.44m! Trapezoidal nets will be used more for transportable football goals, and box nets for football goals that are anchored to the ground. So, it all depends on how you use your football goals.

The best 11-a-side football net: our secrets revealed

The most popular and universally accepted feature is the fact that you can proudly display your club's colours. Our nets can give your pitches bright colours that will bring joy to spectators and players alike. Your club will be recognised in your league and in your region, really marking your club with clear identification indicators. This is important nowadays for all clubs that aspire to reach the top level, to build a loyal following around a true brand image, your club must be distinguishable among thousands. The first step to achieve this is to opt for a two-colour net in the club's colours.

For us, it is a matter of honour to place quality at the heart of our thinking and decisions. At Netsportique nothing is left to chance, which is why we provide you with additional accessories such as Velcro net holders or a set of 10 PVC net pegs. We supply our nets to the biggest clubs in Britain and Europe, so take part in the adventure without delay!

Among all the nets we offer, you will find a wide selection in our online shop between:

Netsportique's know-how at your service

Netsportique has 10 years of experience at your service! We do our best to offer you the best football equipment at ridiculous prices, for your portable, folding or anchored goals we have everything you need. Quality is certainly present, but our aim is also to make sure that you don't spend a fortune on your football training equipment. That's why we offer the best prices on the market, and a faultless durability of our products. We exist to enable you to make long-term investments. This way you can fully enjoy your 11-a-side football nets for long periods of time and practice your favourite sport in the best conditions. Progress will be within your reach and victory will not be long in coming.

We also offer you a delivery service. Efficient, guaranteed and very fast, you will be able to enjoy your entire order quickly. Your players, managers or even children, if you are a private individual, will be delighted with the nets you have chosen. So, don't wait any longer to ask for your personalised quote on If you are a football club, you will receive an immediate 10% discount on your order.

The revolution is underway with Netsportique, become an inescapable club thanks to your personalised 11-a-side football nets. Go professional by choosing our wide range of sports equipment at unbeatable prices!

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