Tennis nets: how to choose the right one?

Would you like to buy a tennis net to play your favorite sport or to make your child the future star of French tennis? Netsportique gives you all the advice you need to buy the right tennis nets, whether for a club or simply for playing in the garden.

How to choose the right net?

The answer to this question depends on how you intend to use the net. If you want to train rigorously to be the best in competition, you'll need to choose tennis nets that meet federation standards.

On the other hand, if competitions don't interest you and tennis isn't your main activity, you can choose nets that don't necessarily meet these criteria. They're less expensive and won't change the way you play with friends or family.

We'll tell you the official height of a tennis net in the next section.

How high is a tennis net?

For your tennis court to meet the official standards of the French Tennis Federation, your net must comply with certain dimensions:

  • The length between tennis posts must be 12.70 meters.
  • The height must be set between 99 centimetres and 1.04 metres.
  • The net must also have square or diamond meshes with sides measuring 45 millimeters.

These standards are the same whether you're playing on clay or indoors. If you want to be ready for the Grand Slams, here's the net you need!

How to install your tennis nets?

To install a tennis net correctly, start by connecting one end of the net loop to the post without the reel (the dead end). Then cut one of the loops and pull the cut end over the wheel at the top of the net post. Insert the cut end into the hole in the internal winding mechanism and start winding the handle.

Continue turning the crank until the net is at the height indicated above, then repeat the operation on the other post.

Finally, install the central strap so that the height of the net in the center is 91.4 centimeters.

You may wonder why the tennis net is lower in the middle. In fact, it's because it exerts pressure on the posts and they don't keep a completely vertical position.

Why buy our nets?

At Netsportique, we specialize in the sale of tennis equipment. The rackets, round balls and nets we supply are selected by us and are of impeccable quality.

Need nets for recreational or competitive tennis? The right product for every need.

Our tennis nets comply with the official standards of the French Tennis Federation, and are extremely sturdy. You can keep them for years and become a talented player in this racket sport. You can find all the court and garden equipment you need in our online store.

Our experts are on hand every day to help you make the right choice. Here's all the advice Netsportique can give you on choosing tennis nets. Whether you're a sports club or a parent eager to please your children, follow this article to enjoy a successful experience with this racket sport!

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