Tennis purchase: Top equipment for courts and grounds

To be played in the best possible conditions, tennis requires quality equipment. Whether you're a tennis club, a school, a local authority or the parent of a junior dreaming of becoming the next Roger Federer, Netsportique offers you a wide choice of quality sports equipment. Discover the best tennis equipment for sale in our online sports store.

Tennis clubs: buy quality equipment for your courts

To attract and retain members, tennis clubs and associations have every interest in opting for quality tennis equipment. It's essential to be able to offer them an attractive tennis experience, whether during training sessions or matches.

Whether a beginner or an experienced player, you'll be able to progress and improve your style of play by practicing on a tennis court adapted to your level. As a club, support your members in their sporting development by investing in durable , weather -resistant tennis equipment at the best price.

Professional and amateur racket players: aim for excellence

Whatever your level of play or that of your licensees, aim for excellence with quality equipment. The equipment offered by Netsportique for playing the little yellow ball is innovative and tested by seasoned players in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions.

Whether on a concrete, resin, grass or clay playing surface, it enables players to practice in an environment that encourages progress and success. Of course, all our products comply with current federal standards.

In particular, we offer tennis equipment from the famous Carrington brand, a real leader in its field. Carrington specializes in the design of high-quality, durable equipment for clubs, local authorities and schools (nets, posts, benches, umpire chairs, etc.).

Top essential tennis equipment

Tennis nets

To play tennis in good conditions, it's essential to equip your court witha quality net, whether you use it intensively or more occasionally. Netsportique offers a wide range of tennis net models.

  • For training sessions or leisure use, choose nets with 2 mm single mesh. These durable Carrington nets are UV-treated, so they're just as effective indoors as outdoors.
  • For tennis tournaments or matches: opt for double mesh nets with a thickness of between 3 and 3.5 millimeters, such as the Carrington Expert model. These products generally have a woven polyester top band and are reinforced with PVC.

Sturdy and resistant, they are more effective at stopping tennis balls hit with power. Organizers of major international tournaments, from Rolland Garros to Wimbledon to the US Open, use this type of material to enable the world's best players (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, etc.) to perform at their best.

Online, you'll find equipment to suit every size of court.

Tennis net posts

We also have a large stock of tennis net posts. Suitable for all levels of play, we've selected models that combine design and performance to dress up your court with elegance. Mostly made of aluminum, you'll find tennis posts with a variety of features: round, square, green, white, etc. Sold in pairs, the posts come with a sheath for easy storage.

Bench and referee chair

So that players can rest between exchanges and recover from their intense efforts, equip your tennis court with comfortable benches. During training sessions or competitions, tennis players can also place their personal belongings on these benches, whether it's their tennis rackets or a bottle of water.

Made from PVC, aluminum or wood, Carrington or Powershot tennis benches are treated for long-lasting weather resistance. They can also be customized to showcase your sponsors, for example.

Referee chairs are also essential if your club hosts tennis tournaments. Netsportique offers a range of innovative models appreciated by our customers for their longevity.

The tennis ball launcher

Tennis is undeniably a sport where consistency is the key to winning tournaments. To improve your technical skills and make rapid progress, there's nothing better than a tennis ball launcher! This innovative piece of equipment designed by Carrington is ideal for practicing backhands and forehands. Easy to use and fully adjustable, it is suitable for all levels and can throw tennis balls at a maximum speed of 63 km/h. It's ideal for beginners (children or adults) and gives experienced players the chance to perfect their game.

Educational and leisure tennis kits

For a multi-sport approach, Netsportique also offers a leisure tennis kit. Assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes, it lets children play and have fun, whether in the garden or the schoolyard.

Complete kits for easy assembly

Finally, discover tennis kits designed to be easily transported and used for beach tennis on the sand or for playing in the garden. Take advantage of a special offer on the all-inclusive tennis kit (with posts and net), 6 meters long and easy to transport.

Tennis shopping: the essentials at competitive prices and top quality on Netsportique

You'll find everything you need for your club or leisure tennis purchases. The equipment on sale at Netsportique has been tested and approved by numerous clubs in France and abroad. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Benefit from an additional 10% discount if you're a club, community or sports association. More information at

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