First Aid Kits

Would you like medical equipment? Are you looking for an first-aid kit at the best price? We have first aid material for you, already prepared in a medical bag, or you can personalise it yourself!

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Sports clubs, schools and communities equip yourself with first aid equipment

If you receive guests, it is very important to be equipped with kits to provide first aid in case of emergency. Accidents are unfortunately part of life, so anticipate them and be equipped as well as possible. Whether you have children's classes or youth teams, you are never safe from a small cut, scratch or bump. A bandage, a bit of blood clotting spray, and you're all set!

Even for you as a private individual, it is strongly recommended to have a pharmacy kit in your home. Household accidents happen much more often than you might think, between burns from hotplates, cutting yourself while preparing a meal, slipping in the bathroom... Disinfectants and bandages will be welcome. Even outside your home, remember to always carry a first aid kit with you. If you are hiking in the forest, in case of stings, you will be very happy to have an antiseptic on you.

Composition of first aid kits

Our first aid bags contain essential products for treating minor injuries, or for an emergency while waiting for first aiders. A first aid kit is essential for sports practice! As an injury can happen so quickly, just having a cold spray can relieve the pain following a shock or having bandages to disinfect a wound.

How to fill medical kits

You already need something to clean a wound such as sterile compresses.

  • Bandages to protect against wounds
  • Scissors for cutting dressings
  • Thermal products: to make hot or cold, such as hot and cold gel pouches or cold sprays in case of shock or muscular pain.

Empty or filled parapharmacy kit

You have several possibilities, to complete your medicine box with the missing products, to compose the kit yourself by choosing an empty kit and the products separately, or the possibility to choose an already filled kit.

Contents of the kits:

You have the choice between 3 already filled care kits: the first aid medical kit, a first aid medical bag and the pro medical bag at with everything included: a real travelling first aid kit.

If you choose to take just the bag to fill, you won't be disappointed! Our kits are very well designed: several compartments, storage spaces of different sizes, to be able to store products of all types from ointment to boxes of plasters.

Netsportique's little tips:

Leave emergency care easily accessible, to get things done as quickly as possible in an urgent and stressful situation.

If you wish to reduce your costs, we advise you to buy the bare minimum: Bandages with scissors, disinfectant and survival blanket.

Having a first-aid kit or first-aid bag means being more safe than sorry! First aid material is advisable for everyone, from private individuals to schools and sports clubs. Netsportique can adapt to your needs and create tailor-made kits. With quality equipment!

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