Kinetic tape and other bandages

Have you injured yourself and would like to return to sport? Resume competition in complete safety thanks to the Netsportique quality straps and protection, designed to adapt to any sporting practice. Between the strap for an ankle sprain and the adhesive tape, you will find everything you need to limit your pain. To see our full range of products, go to the paramedical supplies’ category.

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Kinetic tape: what is it?

Among the indispensable sports care products are these soft elastic bands, which stick to the skin around the joints after a trauma. They are slightly stretchable to adapt perfectly to your body and to the area you wish to treat: knee, ankle, elbow or wrist.

The purpose of the kinetic tape is to limit movement, to avoid pulling on an already sensitive point. You can therefore train, be free to move freely, but have a certain restraint on the chosen joint (to avoid false movements or movements that are too large that could pull and hurt you) without realising it, thanks to its elasticity and lightness.

What are the strap bands for?

There are several choices available to you:

  • The kinetic tape is used to resume sporting activities serenely. It is very useful, and recommended after rehabilitation with a physiotherapist, to continue to make a compression on the muscles that are hurting you.
  • The strapping bandage helps the wounded joint to heal and limit pain. They restrict your movements slightly, so as not to irritate your already aching muscles.
  • If you would like more rigid protection, we have a range of support bandages that are ideal for rest periods at home.

Why use strapping bands?

The advantage of wearing a kinetic tape is that you can resume the practice of sport without straining your muscles, as well as relieving pain if there is still some. The strapping bandage compresses, so you should avoid using it on wounds, placing them on a plaster or bandage, at the risk of being too tight, and having a harmful effect.

Netsportique's advice:

A kinesiology bandage will never replace good stretching! You must be careful to mobilise your joints by doing proprioception and stabilisation exercises. Your body will be well warmed up, and you will avoid complications.

The different uses of the straps

The kinetic tape, made famous by KT Tape, is a real ally for sportsmen, it has many uses! It can be used to treat a painful area, tendonitis, sprains and strains. It is an essential medical material for your first aid kit and first aid equipment. The tape will be an excellent complement to your physiotherapy treatments, and a good warm-up!

The elastic bandage can be used for sprains: Strap wrist sprain.

To look like you, or your club, we have several colours: blue strap bandage, pink kinetic tape, black or beige kinetic tape... It's up to you to choose what suits you best.

As you can see, the kinetic tape is a must in a player's medicine cabinet. If you haven't already done so, add it to your buying cart: buy the kinetic tape! You will be surprised to see the quality of our products; it will allow you to come back even better than before!

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