Hot and cold gel bags

Are you prone to injuries, such as sprains, during your sports practice? Would you like to equip yourself to relieve pain? We have a range of reusable hot-cold gel pockets perfect for you and your care kit.

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Tired of using the means at hand to treat yourself? Ice cubes, hot water bottle... We have the hot and cold gel pouch you need.

Why buy a gel pack? Advantages

A pocket of gel is already economical because you can reuse it as many times as you want, for pain relief from hot and cold! Simply freeze it or reheat it in a saucepan to use it. What's more, it comes with the protective cover, so that it does not come into direct contact with the skin.

Instant cold pockets are practical because they are activated by simply twisting them! Ideal when travelling, such as during matches. You can take them everywhere with you, in a medical kit for example.

The gel pockets, whether they have a heating or cooling action, will help you to reduce pain. We have 2 sizes:

Hot gel pouch: for what use?

A warming action allows the muscles to relax, increases blood circulation. It is ideal for muscle tension, contractures and back pain. You can sit comfortably in your sofa, slide the warm gel pocket under your back or neck to warm it up.

How to use it?

We advise you to leave it on for at least 20 minutes, to really relieve your aches and pains.

Otherwise for a quick use, we have the instant hot pockets, usable immediately, no need to heat in the microwave, or in the pan – just break the beads to accelerate blood circulation.

Cold Gel Pocket: for what use?

Applying cold to parts of the body helps to reduce inflammation. Our hot-cold gel packs can be kept in the freezer, or in the refrigerator if you want a less cold action.

Use after a shock or trauma, to calm and relieve pain, or even anaesthetise it.

For immediate action for relief and cooling, the cold spray is the most suitable product! Cryotherapy will have an anti-inflammatory action, which will be very pleasant after a shock to joints such as the knee.

Shake the cold spray well beforehand, and spray towards the muscle or painful area, for a few seconds (remember to protect your skin, with a compressor tissue).

Little tips from Netsportique

To avoid injuries, or joint pain, we recommend our heating creams, or kinetic tape, to avoid having to use the Hot or Cold Gel Pockets.

Our range of thermal products allows you to relieve a painful area. Gel Pockets are part of the first aid to be done when pain occurs. The different models and sizes offered by Netsportique will allow you to choose the model adapted to your needs.

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