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Are you looking for rhythm or speed ladders for you or your children, your football team, your school? Trust the training products by Netsportique, the international sports equipment specialist. Quality sports products at affordable prices for professionals and amateurs. Work on your agility, speed and reactivity with our agility ladders designed to help you reach your sporting goals!

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Different football ladders for optimal performance!

The motto that is often used when talking about physical and sports activities is: only hard work pays off! But for this, it is essential to have quality sports equipment in order to progress in the best possible conditions. Concerned about your performance and your progress, we design interesting products for you to work on your physical fitness daily. This is the case with our rhythm ladders, which will allow you to work on several physical aspects and put different muscles in your body into action. With our speed ladders you will be able to carry out quality training sessions, no more endless jogging during fitness development periods: opt for our football ladders and repeat your routines to become the best athlete possible!

The advantage of this sports equipment is that it is truly multi-purpose, i.e. we can use it both in intense and physical training programs as well as in more gentle exercises, fitness or reathletisation. The fact that our rhythm scales can activate several muscle chains is what makes them a must for all sports clubs. During warm-up, cardio training or CrossFit: opt for our motor skills ladders which will delight your players, and above all you will achieve your goals much more easily!

All shapes and sizes of sport ladders

We provide you with equipment designed to put the lower limbs into action and to stimulate their contractions for optimal work. Our multi-sport specialist teams work hard to offer you a variety of products so that you can progress in the best possible way. We systematically receive feedback from sports professionals who test and approve our products so that you always have the best equipment with you.

Whether in athletics, gymnastics or football, you can work your joints through proprioception exercises. Physical preparation will no longer hold any secrets for you, repetition of efforts will no longer be a problem for you, and you will be one step closer to becoming a champion! Amongst all our sport rhythm scales that we have, you will find:

Motor skills ladder: improve speed and coordination

If you are a trainer or sports coach or simply a player, we offer you the possibility to further develop your skills by adopting our high-quality rhythm ladders at the best prices on the market! Indeed, you will be able to integrate them during your CrossFit or circuit training sessions, it is quite simply the essential material for all sportsmen who respect their body and their proprioceptive development. It will allow you to increase your performance both during training sessions and in matches! The physical capacity of your players will be increased tenfold thanks to the training programmes that you have set up specifically for them.

There are of course many advantages to using speed ladders. The following will act as benefits in your physical development process:

  • Improved speed and acceleration
  • Pace and organise sessions
  • Work and increase heart rate in CrossFit
  • Improving fitness and form during development
  • Develop more strength and endurance
  • Improve explosiveness, reactivity and reaction time
  • Increase relaxation during jumping phases
  • Vary the intensity of the exercises: sustained rhythm, groundwork or recovery
  • Increase proprioception
  • Increase general coordination
  • Solicitation of the lower limbs and the upper body
  • Contraction of the quadriceps muscles which promotes blood circulation

Using a coordination ladder during your sports sessions therefore has many benefits as you can see. It also allows you to be serious during these work phases by establishing a real work rhythm and following a common thread during your physical preparation! Doing sports in general automatically brings visible and invisible benefits to the player's body, which will then allow him to significantly increase his performance.

Sports clubs, schools and individuals: 100% quality at affordable prices!

The equipment we provide is not only a must for sports clubs but also for schools for example. Whether it's young children in sports lessons or older children in PE, it will increase the coordination and motor skills of the pupils. This is very important in their physical and motor development phase! And the same goes for physical activity at home, in the private setting. Indeed, the framework of the sports club is not the only place where progress can be made. It is also possible to train while having fun at home, alone or with friends. Whatever the intensity of your practice or your objectives, don't wait any longer to equip yourself with the rhythm ladders created by Netsportique!

Our customer service will be happy to listen to your requests for information and will be able to send you a personalised quote at an unbeatable price! We are constantly striving to offer you products of higher quality than what you could find on the market, all at prices that defy all competition. We wish to establish a proximity with clubs in order to get closer and closer to the real expectations and needs of the players.

Keep your players progressing in optimal conditions with Netsportique's agility ladders. We offer you a wide range of football ladders so that you can increase the physical and motor skills of your players, at unbeatable prices! Our delivery service will ensure a fast delivery so that you can enjoy your favourite sports equipment as soon as possible.

So don't wait any longer and take advantage of the equipment we select especially for you! Contact our team at +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60, they will provide you with a complete buying guide according to your desires.

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