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Nothing is better than a little bodybuilding to be more efficient! If you are looking for a supplier of bodybuilding equipment, Netsportique offers you a range of bodybuilding and fitness equipment to work all the muscles in your body, more or less intensively, and for different objectives: to maintain yourself, lose weight or gain muscle mass.

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Sports equipment sales website : Netsportique is the specialist

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a top athlete, you need a minimum of bodybuilding equipment. Through this buying guide, we will help you to find the right fitness equipment for you! You won't need to go to a gym anymore.

  • Instead, you can use it at home to get back into shape,
  • During training sessions, to do weight training exercises as a team
  • At the gym to build muscle in cardio-training mode

Here is how to buy bodybuilding equipment.

Yoga kit / fitness kit and all the material for sport at home

home fitness equipment

When training at home, fitness equipment is a plus. Because you can do without it! Your body weight is enough to do exercises such as push-ups, squats, thighs/abdomen/buttocks. Going to the gym has become complicated lately, but in order to stay fit and toned, we still recommend investing in some fitness equipment to do workouts at home.

Here is the fitness equipment that you absolutely must have at home:

The Gym Mat

The gym mat is an essential piece of equipment that allows you to perform all the muscle strengthening movements, such as abdominal exercises and stretching. The mat is a great piece of equipment to have in your home, but it is not the only piece of strength training equipment you can have in your home.

It is the perfect piece of gym equipment if you want to do strength training, yoga or pilates. Plus it rolls up for easy storage, doesn't take up any space, and can be taken anywhere with you.

Fitness kit

You don't want to search in detail for the fitness equipment you need, Netsportique has the perfect home sport kit! It contains everything you need to do varied and effective exercises:

  • Sports mat
  • Medicine ball 4kg
  • Stepper (2 heights 10 and 15 cm)
  • Ab wheel
  • Push up handle
  • Fitness band

Yoga kit

Yoga has become a trendy sport in recent years. On the one hand because people want to focus more on their mind and relax while stretching their body. On the other hand, with the confinements in 2020, it is a practice that can easily be done from home. The investment is not huge, a yoga mat, and some bricks and a yoga ball if you wish. To have all the necessary equipment, our team of specialists has created a beginner yoga kit!

home-made bodybuilding accessories


The famous dumbbells are the classic piece of fitness equipment that you must have at home.

There are different models of body weights, which differ according to your budget, your level and of course. You can store them anywhere, which is ideal if you live in a small space. There are several variations that allow you to progress according to your objectives, but also, according to your capacities, it would be a shame to go without.

It is also professional fitness equipment; in all gyms you will find shelves with many different models.

Discover our range of cross training equipment for muscle strengthening

CrossFit or cross training was first invented in 1970. Since then it has spread rapidly to all corners of the world. Cross Fit or Cross Fitness is cross training. It is a method of combining several disciplines at the same time. It allows for versatility in cardio, muscle building and gymnastics. Very effective for burning calories, and for weight loss!

By opting for cross-training equipment, you will combine respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, athletic strength, precision, concentration and balance.

If you want to buy strength training equipment, here is the main Cross training equipment:

Gym equipment

If you are a professional, we can make you a personalised estimate. With discounts on fitness equipment if you order in large quantities. We have products of remarkable quality, designed to be used easily: by athletes or novices of the muscle!

Stretch, strengthen, relax massage rollers to care for your muscles

It's all very well to want to push your body to its limits, to do intense sport; but you must think about the recovery phase. Since 2019 we have developed a range of massage rollers to relax your muscles and stretch them effectively. Very effective to limit muscular pains, you just must position yourself on the roller, and make the fitness equipment roll with the pressure of your body, you will press on deep muscles and stretch them gently.

Get the best value for money fitness equipment

Not everyone has the budget to buy weight training equipment, such as a rowing machine or an elliptical. But there are alternatives to elliptical machines: stand with your arms outstretched, take two weights and bend your arms one after the other: your arms will tone up!

Now that you have an idea of what fitness equipment you should have at home; we will give you a little idea of how to buy fitness equipment.

Of course the prices differ according to the models

  • The elastic band allows you to work all the muscles!
  • skipping rope allows you to work on coordination and speed.
  • The abdominal wheel enables you to work on those all-important abs!
  • The pilates mat is perfect to take to gym lessons and even do them from home!
  • Medicine ball strengthens your arms and legs.
  • Dumbbells, like the medicine ball, are perfect to strengthen your limbs.
  • The 4 in 1 push up board to work the whole upper body: pectorals, triceps and many other muscles!

Netsportique has developed and designed high quality products, allowing you to train at home or in your gym. We test the robustness of the equipment, approved by many sports clubs in France and internationally. Do you have a special request? Contact our service, available and listening to you for any question. Fast delivery and best price guaranteed.

Don't look for a supplier of bodybuilding equipment, buy from Netsportique!

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