Gym Bags

Essential sports equipment for your training sessions, the sports bag is available in an infinite number of models. Small or large size, it adapts to all your practices. You can easily find the ideal bag for each of your sports activities! Discover our entire 100% resistant Powershot range and take advantage of our large choice to place your order without further delay.

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Sports bags: wide choice at the best price

Sports backpacks, or gym and football bags, the choice to buy a sports bag is huge. To make your choice, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • For whom: men/women/children
  • For what: sport with equipment / just carrying a bottle and keys / travelling
  • Organisation (rather organised with inside pockets or tote bag)

Every physical activity needs its own sports bag!

Not all activities require the same equipment and our sports bag models are available for each of your sporting activities. Opt for small sports bags for indoor fitness. If you only need to store your clothes and a bottle of water, a small bag will be more than enough.

If you play a sport that requires more equipment (rackets, boots, ball), you will find large bags with zips and compartments, which can also be used as luggage accessories if you must travel with your sports gear!

Customisable sports bags in your team colours

Are you a coach, trainer or player in a football, basketball or handball club and want to personalise your sports equipment with a name, logo or the number of your athletes? Customisable sports bags are the essential accessories for a team in team sports. Choose large bags, with many compartments, to store all the sports equipment you need for your training sessions.

Men's or women's models for all occasions

Our bag models are available in different colours and our choice of sizes will also allow you to choose between a men's or women's sports bag. Durable, our multi-sport bags will go everywhere with you and are the perfect sports equipment purchase!

You are planning to go away, but you don't have a travel bag? No problem, all our bags can become very efficient luggage in terms of capacity for a weekend. For each model of bag, you will have a spacious main compartment, and at least 1 external pocket. Our bags are finished in a clean and good quality manner, with a lining to better resist impact and natural wear and tear.

For women's gym bags, take a slightly larger size, so you can put your handbag in and have only one large bag.

For men, don't forget to put your wallet in there too if you're going out for work.

Small or large: adapted to your needs

An emergency kit in your bag

Because practising a sport sometimes involves some risks, our bags are also available in a first aid kit version. They allow you to store all your first aid equipment so that you always have it at hand. The numerous pockets and storage compartments will ensure that you are perfectly organised.

Bags that are easy to carry

Your equipment can sometimes be very heavy, and it's not always easy to carry a full backpack. Opt for our large sports bags on wheels! They will hold everything you need without the weight. Use them at sporting events or if you must travel! Some will have a soft bottom (tote style) as a shoulder bag, which is what we recommend, and others will have a hard bottom: the wheeled model, for easy movement, and because it has more capacity.

If you want a football bag, choose a model that is big enough to hold all the necessary equipment.

Shoulder bag, the essential sports accessory

Whether it's a backpack or a shoulder bag, this is the favourite bag for sportsmen and women! Choose a Powershot shoulder bag to accompany you to the pitch or in the gym. This large bag can hold a water bottle, towel and even more! Of course the shoulder strap is removable and adjustable to fit all sizes.

Sports backpack

For schoolchildren or small sportsmen, the backpack is great! Because they can put it on their back and have their hands free. The clean design of our backpacks can be used as a school bag. You can put the necessary things in it: binders, notebooks, pencil case etc. Zipper closure for quick access

Choose from our wide selection of bags at the best price! Small and large sports bags, they will adapt to all your needs and will be perfect for all activities that require you to have quality equipment with you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sportsman, our range of cheap sports bags will suit your needs and will meet your tastes and desires!

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