Muscle warm-up creams and gels

Do you want to boost your metabolism before a match or recover after an intense effort? You'll be able to combine the two, thanks to Netsportique's warming muscle gel and cream, which are designed for all levels of competition. Between the heating ointment and the muscle pain cream, you will find all the necessary care products to prepare or relieve the muscles.

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Cream for muscle pain: benefits

During your sports activities, muscle contractures can appear and cause discomfort. Netsportique has designed a range of muscle creams to remedy this problem. It is generally applied after the effort, to better recover, soothe and relieve painful areas. Just by applying the cream, you can massage the ointment into the skin and make it penetrate. For a more effective massage, we recommend the sports massage gel, because the texture of the gel guarantees rapid penetration of the product, and as a little bonus, you don't get a greasy or sticky effect.

Small tips from Netsportique

If you really want to have a relaxing effect, we recommend our pre-competition massage oil, as the ointment allows a longer massage and more effective penetration.

Warming muscle gel is no substitute for a good warm-up! It helps your body to prepare itself efficiently for an effort.

Sport heating cream: advantages

Warming creams are best used before physical activity, so that the warming action accelerates blood circulation. In this way your muscles will be ready, and you will limit inconveniences such as joint pain, contractures and aches. The muscle relaxant ointment is also designed for sportsmen and women who have taken an important break following an injury. Psychologically it is a decisive advantage because they will be reassured to resume an activity. The warming action will get their bodies in condition more quickly.

In addition, our models are small and ergonomic, once stored in your sports bag, they will go everywhere with you!

Sport gel for pain or muscle relaxation

The positive impacts of pain cream or massage creams are multiple:

  • They are an excellent complement to physiotherapy treatments.
  • The active ingredients present, such as arnica, have anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties.
  • Muscle pain cream to prevent muscle sprains or muscular tension.
  • Very reassuring side for the sportsman who has some benign pains, which makes it possible to reduce them after the effort.

Muscle warming cream before or after exercise

Whether before or after the effort, the muscle gel heats up with soothing actions.

Before the effort, the effect will be almost instantaneous! Your epidermis will warm up, and the action will extend to your muscles and joints. With our products, goodbye muscular pain, painful joints and you'll be at the top!

After the effort, the massage cream will be very effective for the recovery phase. Your muscles will be sore because they were overworked for even a short period of time. That is why it is important to invest in a good muscle pain ointment!

Between heating ointment, Vaseline, massage cream and muscle pain gel or pre-competition sports oil, Netsportique has a range of products to help your muscles warm up in preparation for a competition, or to recover from a more intense effort. Order with your eyes closed to pamper your body and your muscles.

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