Training Bibs

Sports bib: different models and colours

Recognisable by its short sleeve, the sports bib is generally made from a breathable fabric such as mesh. This type of sportswear is also easy to put on, just over a t-shirt or jersey. It is a must-have piece of sports equipment.

Indeed, bibs are essential in order to be able to differentiate your teams during exercises. It helps to establish general clarity in the game, better organisation. And you know that good organisation means good performance. Opt for our wide selection of sports bibs at the best prices on the market. They are 100% resistant and above all they are available in several sizes and several different colours. Don't hesitate, Netsportique is the place to go for the best sports equipment!

Football and other team sports clothing

Resistant to team games and sports such as basketball, football, handball, rugby or dodgeball, the cheap bibs available online, at the best price, have been reinforced to withstand rough movements (resistant lycra around the sleeves and neck).

Also, you will have the choice between several colours:

  • yellow or red chasuble could be suitable for a female or male team
  • while a black, blue or green bib will suit a mixed team.
  • You can also opt for fluorescent bibs.

Although the sports bibs are already practical and light, the reversible bib is a solution to gain more storage space.

Children's or adult sports bibs

Whether it's a child's bib or an adult's bib, buying a set of bibs will save you more money. Don't forget to choose the right size and consider customisable bibs with your club logo, numbers or players' names to make a statement. Impress your competitors with innovative products that stand out from the crowd. We strive to provide you with high quality sports equipment.

Our products are systematically tested and approved by a panel of professionals in each sport. They also undergo many tests to comply with European standards for sports equipment. Safety and quality are of paramount importance to us! You will be able to practice your favourite sport in optimal conditions to reach the highest level of performance! You will be able to adjust your bibs as you wish according to the size of your players. In addition to being comfortable, they will delight you! They offer an unparalleled freedom of movement, and have a round neck, sleeveless and are of course unisex.

Multi-sport bibs at the best price (football, basketball, handball...)

Before buying your sports bibs, your choice will be defined according to the discipline you practice. For example, for a rugby bib, it will be made of a very resistant material and more flexible for a football bib.

There are also several models and materials available:

  • Polyester models are perfect for schools and clubs that frequently organise matches.
  • Mesh sports bibs are breathable and therefore suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

In order to keep your sports bibs in good condition, care is important. It is best to wash them cold. For personalised bibs, remember to turn them inside out before sending them to the wash. Air drying is ideal. Equip your football club or school with sports equipment at the best price!

In addition to the quality and wide range of sports bibs, you can also take advantage of the very attractive prices on our website. So why wait? Differentiate yourself with the quality of your sports equipment. Why not take the opportunity to mark out your pitches with marking cones to complete your training kit?

Discover our adult or children's bibs in different colours, also available in reversible format for adults, reversible bibs for children, or large size bibs from XL to XXL, in a choice of colours, or reversible for large sizes.

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Do you want to be able to distinguish your teams during a training session? The sports bib is an essential accessory for recognising your opponents during matches. From fluorescent to brightly coloured, the famous sports bib exists for adults as well as for children.

With our wide range of training equipment, you can provide your club with a complete set of high-quality equipment, so you can get closer to winning!

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