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Isn't the ultimate performance the goal of every team player? In this case, players need a lot of training. Amongst the essential equipment are the boundary markers and sports cones. Bound your fields at the best price/quality ratio on the market. Weatherproof and durable, Netsportique sports cones are ideal as football markers to mark out practice areas. Browse our range of markers, from fun ones for schools to classic cones for the more athletic.

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Field boundary cones: what are they used for?

Usually dedicated to players of team sports such as football, basketball, handball or rugby, sports cones are used to create exercise areas. This allows professional players to train in small groups. But these boundary cones are not just for professionals. Mini boundary markers are also used in playgrounds and gardens to entertain children. In addition to the mini markers, coaches use playful ground markers to make games more interesting.

For professionals, especially athletes, it is possible to choose drilled sports cones, which can then be used as hurdle courses. Taller cones between 30 cm and  38 cm are ideal for numbered cone sleeves. This makes it possible, for example, to keep track of the athlete's progress.

Field or course marker cones are available in various sizes and visible colours to suit all sports. The football cones can have weighted bases to prevent them from being easily blown away by the wind or moved by a lost pass. You can find football cones in a pack at the best price on the site.

Sport cones: for whom?

To complete your sports club equipment, think of sport cones with marking bars. In addition to delimiting an area, the studs are used to vary the training exercises. Sportsmen and women can improve their speed and agility, perfect their coordination or warm up before matches.

The markers are available in a variety of colours and offer a high degree of stability thanks to their material. Thanks to their versatility, they are also used in schools and sports facilities. Some models have plastic holders for easy transport and storage.

For you professional sports coaches: sports cones are available in a pack

Sports cones have the advantage of being easy to store, as they are not very bulky. They can be used to support mini hurdles in children's play clubs or as markers to develop specific training for footballers. Non-slip flat cones are preferable to avoid slipping.

Whether you are a sports club, a school, a municipal school or a sports centre, you can get training blocks and cones at exceptional prices without delay. And for a better performance of your teams, combine them with corners, marking strips or buy complete training kits immediately. There's something for everyone:

What to choose for football: flat cones or training cone?

If both sports equipment allow marking on the football field (positioning of a player, delimitation of playing areas...), the flat non-slip cup has the advantage of not deviating the trajectory of the ball. This is the best way to carry out kicking exercises and tactical sessions without players tripping.

Buying sets of sports training blocks or cones?

Both equipment are essential, but with training cones, drilled models, you can work on the agility and speed of your teams by adding markers as you wish. The studs, on the other hand, offer more volume. They are more easily visible from a distance. It's up to you to find the product that suits you best, which is why we leave the choice to you at Netsportique. Our team of experts are here every day to answer your questions, accompany you during the decision process and can provide you with a detailed buying guide. Ask for your personalised quote now by calling +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60 and get a 10% discount if you are a sports club!

What kind of playful ground markings for schools and school groups?

What if the markings were transformed into playful shapes for your pupils? Discover our set of 4 markings in the shape of feet or hands. Combining fun and performance has never been easier than with Netsportique. We want all physical and sports activities to be able to fully develop in their activity. That is why we strive to create innovative products for you. We make quality our philosophy, we obviously do not neglect safety, and everything is available at extremely affordable prices! Sport for all is our motto, so don't wait any longer to order our wide range of multi-sport cones to vary the fun.

No more doubts about your ability to hold a training or PE session in optimal conditions. Our selection of field markers is here to help you daily and above all to bring good organisation to your sessions. Get closer and closer to performance and progress with our delimitation posts and cones, you can mark your spaces in the best way. Netsportique makes it a point to always provide you with the best training equipment so that you can enjoy yourself in a good mood.

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