Sports Cones & Markers

Cones – the backbone of every training session!

Weather and impact resistant, Netsportique’s range of durable sports cones are ideal as football cones for guiding team exercises. Browse our range of floor markers from playful hands and feet for children’s games to classic sports cones for everyday training.

A kit essential

The bare structure for whatever size training session, browse our online catalogue of flat cones, orange pads, school ground marking, cones in sets of 25, 50 or 100. We also supply miniature and giant cones to provide the design that best suits you and your team. Many models are non-slip or flexible to avoid injury from impact or fall.

Floor markers facilitate innumerable exercises such as tag games, slaloms, zone practise – the list goes on! All of our markers are highly visible allowing all players to see them from far away and at night. The perfect low cost, versatile training accessory that suits many collective sports such as football, basketball, handball, rugby and individual sports: tennis, athletics..!