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Freestyle sled PINK

Ref : LS01PLivraison dans 3 à 4 mois

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Experience a whole new way to slide on snow. Instead of sitting flush to the ground like a standard sled, you'll be sitting astride a 50 cm seat. You can increase the difficulty of the slide by raising the seat level.

  • Dimensions: 74 × 46 × 25 cm
  • Weight : 3,35 kg
  • From 3 years old
  • Maximum load: 90 kg
  • Possibility for 2 people
  • EN71 standard: safety of toys. All our sleds have this standard.

Product description


No more wooden sled, now it's the plastic design sled

You can select the sliding mode, for more or less stability, and choose the mode that suits you:


This mode is the easiest. It is suitable for young riders. The seat stays at the lowest level for better stabilization and a more comfortable ride. So you can hit the trails at full speed!


Do you dare to go faster? This level offers more situations for fun tricks and tighter turns.


For the true snow professional. Get uncompromising control for true freestyle.

To make the switch, just push the button, and slide to the height you want.


Plastic sled: toughness and better grip

The braking system of this children's sled is very well thought out, which you activate by leaning back.

We present you 4 arguments to buy this revolutionary sled:

1 - MSP BUTTON: to select the driving mode, and change the seat height.

2 - FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Suitable for children and their parents (up to 90 kg)

3 - READY FOR THE SLOPE: No need for assembly or mounting

4 - Vivid colors: the sled is clearly visible in the snow.


This sled can be used by adults too. The maximum weight is 90 kilos.

The fact of being raised compared to a standard sled is very interesting in terms of sliding sensations, you really have to use your whole body to have a straight trajectory, or on the contrary to make turns.

We advise you to find a toboggan run, to avoid being in confrontation with the skiers. It is an ideal model for children who are thirsty for sensations and speed.


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