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Do you need fun and adapted training material to play Tchoukball? Do you want to improve the shooting or passing skills of your players or students? Discover our range of rebounder nets; training accessories designed to adapt to all levels, both indoors and outdoors.

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Do you need a rebounder net for football or Tchoukball?

What is Tchoukball, how to play it?

It is a team sport, played on a 14 x 24 m field. Two teams of 7 players play against each other to try to score points. The match lasts 15 minutes x 3, with a 5-minute break between each round.

To score a point, you simply throw the ball into the net of the tchoukball rebounder. Of course, like all sports, there are rules. To complicate the task a little, certain conditions must be met for the throw to be accepted: to validate the point, the ball must bounce and land on the ground outside the area where the cage is located, but still remain on the pitch, without the opponents catching it.

Tchoukball: educational interest and material adapted to children

This game has become an educational reference in schools because it can be easily adapted to all ages and levels and can be played indoors as well as outdoors.

This game can be organised to suit each school level, and the intensity of the practice: rather leisurely in the playground, or in a PE lesson to learn and compete. As pupils gain knowledge and skills, they will need to be proactive.

Schools often don't have a big budget, which makes this sport ideal as it doesn't require much equipment:

  • a handball ball
  • Tchoukball goal or a football rebound net of 1m x 1m (official size)

They can then play on one half of a handball court, or in the schoolyard, or in a green area with a swing.

Wide range of nets: available in all sizes and for all needs

We strive to meet all your needs, to offer you the best equipment, adapted and conforming to European standards. We offer you different equipment:

  • Mini rebounders for smaller fields or for children or goalkeeper training.
  • Multi-sport or simple rebounder trainers
  • Tennis rebound nets which are larger: 150 x 120 cm or giant model: 210 x 210 cm
  • And 4-sided or double-sided rebounders
  • We have also thought about spare nets, and extra hooks if the wear is too great. Although we ensure the quality of our products, tested in laboratories and on sports fields. But we advise you not to leave the bounce football net outside all year round.

The purchase of a rebounder football trainer net is always interesting to complete the training equipment of professional players. But as a game, it’s as fun as it is rewarding for children.

Rebouder trainers for your school 100% durable

To equip your school and entertain your students during PE, you can get a child's Tchoukball goal. The cage is made of metal for a perfect resistance. The bouncing net has a structure designed to withstand outdoor use and bad weather. However, if you want to keep your rebound net in good condition, you will have to store it in a place protected from humidity and indoors. It is not designed to stay outside all year round. To make your life easier, we have developed a structure that can be folded for easy storage, and its weight of 10 kilos makes it easy to transport!

Rebound nets for football clubs

The tchoukball rebounder trainer is also used by professional or amateur players during training sessions. So, equip your club without further delay and buy a cheap rebound net on the online shop. Several sizes are available, and you can even choose a model with 2 sides, or 4 sides to work with several players.

For goalkeeper coaches it is a real work tool! They can work on reaction times, by throwing the football on the net with all their strength and recover it by diving. Exercises that combine precision, strength and reflexes. Your goalkeeper will become the best in the league!

For an outfield player, you can use the equipment to manage the control of the ball and follow up with shots! To make the exercise more fun, you can introduce a little challenge: the footballer who scores the first goal wins!

Tips from Netsportique

If you have footballers who shoot hard, we advise you to invest in anchors, to be able to seal the base of the football rebounder in the ground and prevent it from moving.

Tchoukball: a warm-up game for handball

For a handball club, investing in a rebound net is very interesting. Because it is a handball training material that can be used by all teams of all ages. It is a fun game, which allows the player to get in motion, to wake up the muscles gently, to accelerate the heart rate, before starting the specific exercises. Ideal to warm up the arm and shoulder, by shooting on the rebound net, anticipates the warming up of the arms to be able to make real shots in the handball goals. What is practical in handball is that if the player misses the rebound net, the ball will go into the handball goal! The striker only must go and get it back. If the crossbar is hit, no problem, the game continues!

Whether it is for the garden, in a school, or for team sports, the hand rebounder trainer is a versatile training accessory! You can use it for warm-up games and technical training. Your players will be delighted and will enjoy playing and working on their accuracy.

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