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DESIGN sled with steering wheel - Snow Express GSL-400

Ref : LS11Livraison sous 72h
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Sturdysled with a single runner connected to the steering wheel for impeccable trajectory control.

Assembles right on the slopes. Simply click on the steering wheel and brakes. No screws or tools required.

  • Soft grip handle!
  • Maximum load: 50 kilos
  • Dimensions: 98 × 45 × 23 cm

Product description


Sled with steering wheel for a safe ride down the slopes

For beginners, this sled is very good. The steering wheel allows you to hold on to the sled and control the trajectory of the sled.

It is a child's sled, the maximum load is 50 kilos.

Our sleds do not have steel blades, nor wooden parts, to avoid accidents and injuries.


Sport sled: 100% fun sliding

This snow sled has a steering wheel, which is connected to a plastic ski underneath the sled, which provides an excellent guidance system.

To go sledding in the mountains, it is the ideal product, during the vacations, a weekend in the mountains... Any occasion is good to go down the slopes.


Netsportique tips

If it's a beginner who uses the sled, make sure you are on a track dedicated to sled users (most resorts have at least one)

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